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  • 2.86f Zitat: „NEW: added option to enable/disable auto-applying filter to filter helper menu. (#410131) CHG: files that were moved are now kept in file list independent of the target location. (#19786) CHG: don't display language identifier and description for UNSYNCEDLYRICS if both are default ('eng' and empty). FIX: saving UNSYNCEDLYRICS for ID3v2 omitted text if pipe symbol occurred in lyrics text. (#11617) FIX: another runtime error when performing drag'n'drop from external applications. FIX…

  • Witze

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    Schon wieder oder Alzheimer?

  • 5.41.6446 Zitat: „UI - NEW! Cleaning results now displayed as a Cleaning Summary (Free and Professional versions only) - NEW! Product tips to help users discover less visible features - NEW! Fresh, clean Upgrade page design Browser Cleaning - Edge/Internet Explorer: Fixed cleaning of cookie and icon file types on Windows 10 (thanks alhazred & Judesman for reporting this via our forum!) Localization - Added improved Estonian translations (thanks to our volunteer translator ProPaan!) Technology - …

  • 2.86e Zitat: „FIX: WAV files > 2GB could not be tagged. (#409893) FIX: some links in about dialog were broken. (#409783) FIX: installation mode could not be changed via keyboard. “

  • Zitat: „ - Aktualisierung von ffmpeg - Nvidia NVENC: "Lookahead" Option hinzugefügt - Nvidia NVENC: "Strict GOP" Option hinzugefügt - Nvidia NVENC: "Spatial AQ" Option hinzugefügt - Nvidia NVENC: "Adaptive B-frame" Option hinzugefügt - Nvidia NVENC: "Blu-ray kompatibel" Option hinzugefügt - Aktualisierung der japanischen Sprachdatei Fehlerbehebung kleinere Fehler behoben “

  • Na mal sehn was deine Freundin Nicole 14 dazu meint!

  • MKVToolnix - Aktuelle Version

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    21.0.0 "Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth"

  • Zitat: „ - Aktualisierung von ffmpeg - Aktualisierung von x265 (2.7) Codec - Unterstütztung von Intel Quick Sync HEVC/H.265 Encoder - Neue Profile ( Huawei, Google, Motorola, Sony) - Ut Video Codec: "Prediction method" Option hinzugefügt - huffYUV Codec: "Interlaced" Option hinzugefügt - Aktualisierung der französischen Sprachdatei - Aktualisierung der portugiesischen Sprachdatei Fehlerbehebung kleinere Fehler behoben “

  • 2.86d Zitat: „FIX: runtime error when editing tags via file list in some cases (since 2.86c) “

  • 2.86c Zitat: „[*]FIX: UI became unresponsive in case many operations were executed via tag write or actions. (#409076, #409236) [*]FIX: runtime error when performing sequential drag'n'drop from multiple applications. [*]FIX: runtime error when adding cover via extended tag dialog when underlying files have been replaced. “

  • 4.5.1 Zitat: „[*]Improved JPG save option: "Set file size" (no RIOT PlugIn needed) [*]New options in IrfanView Shell Extension (PlugIns website) [*]Support for animated WebP files [*]Some fixes (Zoom box text, EXE/DLL icon loading) [*]Several PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions: “

  • 4.50 Zitat: „IrfanView and many PlugIns ported to Unicode! The INI file will be converted to Unicode if you call the "Properties" dialog IrfanView will NOT run on Win9x anymore Support for iPhone PNG files (Formats PlugIn, thanks to Jongware) Move selection with: CTRL or SHIFT + right mouse button (Y or X axis only) New option in Extract Pages/Frames dialog: Set page/frame range Some fixes in the Print dialog New text pattern: $m = show number of megapixels New Thumbnails sort menu: Sort by Mega…

  • GPU-Z -Aktuelle Version

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    2.8.0 Zitat: „[*]Fixed crashes and other issues on AMD Ryzen Raven Ridge APU [*]Added DXVA 2.0 hardware decoder info to Advanced Tab [*]"Disable sensor" menu item now properly called "Hide" [*]Improved VRAM usage monitoring on AMD [*]Improved rendering performance of NVIDIA PerfCap sensor [*]Improved AMD power limit reporting in Advanced Panel [*]"MemVendor" is now included in XML dump output [*]Fixed NVIDIA PerfCap sensor drawing outside its area [*]Fixed "BIOS reading not supported" error on N…

  • 2.86b Zitat: „FIX: auto-save did not remove varied cover art when removed via tag panel. (#408366) FIX: runtime error when changing library settings while performing other file operations. (#407972) FIX: scripting function $strstr did return nothing instead of 0 if the search string wasn't found. (#196373) FIX: runtime error when performing undo via keyboard shortcut while in-place editing in the file list. FIX: fields absent from a subset of files were erroneously shown as present and identical…

  • Altes Auto? Der ist doch wie neu! Lass ihn reparieren. Du weißt doch selber was du an dem Fahrzeug hast. Einen vergleichbaren wirst du nicht finden, und wenn doch weißt du nicht was der Karre sonst noch fehlt und demnächst kaputt geht.

  • Blade Runner 2049

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    Schöne Filmaufnahmen aber der Rest ...

  • 5.40.6411 Zitat: „Browser Cleaning - Edge: Added new 'Set aside tabs' cleaning rule Windows Cleaning - Added warning for 'Old prefetch data' cleaning rule General - Minor improvements to user interface - Minor bug fixes “

  • Zitat: „ - Aktualisierung von ffmpeg - Aktualisierung von x264 (2901) Codec - Aktualisierung von vpx (1.7.0) Codec - Neue Profile ( HTC, Samsung ) - AVI Container: "Ut Video Codec" hinzugefügt - MP4 Container: "VP9 Codec" hinzugefügt - Aktualisierung der japanischen Sprachdatei Fehlerbehebung kleinere Fehler behoben “

  • Zitat: „Update of ffmpeg Update of x264 (2901) Codec Update of vpx (1.7.0) Codec New profiles ( HTC, Samsung ) AVI container: Added ‘Ut Video Codec’ support MP4 container: Added ‘VP9 Codec’ support Troubleshooting Fixed minor bugs “

  • 2.86a Zitat: „FIX: cover mimetypes were not parsed for APEv2 tags in some cases (since 2.86). (#23476) FIX: runtime error when reading malformed APEv2 cover that has no cover-data. NEW: added MusicBrainz tag source for search via album name based on XML Web Service v2. (#23427, #23435) NEW: added MusicBrainz cover-only tag source for search via album name based on XML Web Service v2. LNG: updated Hebrew language file. “