StaxRip - Aktuelle Version

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    • StaxRip - Aktuelle Version


      The mkv muxer supports now text subtitles which can be reordered and edited in place and are loaded automatically
      There is now a option to define the maximum aspect ratio error
      A bug was fixed causing StaxRip to crash on exit
      A bug was fixed causing StaxRip to crash while trying to shutdown after encoding
      A bug was fixed that occured when only some streams were extracted with VSRip instead of all streams
      The main dialog displays now more friendly profile names
      All x264 profiles use now auto for threads
      VirtualDub was updated to version 1.6.18
      DivX was updated to version 6.6.1
      Some fixes and improvements for minor issues or less common scenarios

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      Lian Li PC 60 II B, be quiet Straight Power BQT E6-550W ATX 2.2 550 Watt, Asus P8 P67 Deluxe Rev. 3, Intel Sandybridge 2600K, Ram 8 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3 Corsair XM3, HIS HD 5750 1024MB IceQ+ GDDR5 PCIe, OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB, 1 TB WD, 1500 GB Samsung SATA 2, 1000GB Samsung SATA2, 2x BluRay LG CH10LS20
    • beta [SIZE="8"](November 21, 2009)[/SIZE]

      * Added support for DivX Plus, iPod, iPhone, PS3, Xbox 360 and Zune
      * Added support for .NET 3.5 Client Profile which is much smaller than the full framework
      * Added new FAQ at wikispaces which is a very good free wiki service
      * Added x264 version 1342 with new option --weightp
      * Added DGMPGDEC version 1.5.6
      * Fixed bug aspect ratio not properly detected for some HD sources
      * Fixed bug command line import in x264 dialog not working properly
      * Fixed bug MKV demuxing not working properly
      * Fixed bug AAC decoding not working properly
      * Fixed bug DirectShow decoding not working properly
      * Fixed bug showing too big commandlink buttons on XP
      * Fixed bug pausing/resuming processes not working properly
      * Fixed bug AVCSource() being forced for dga files preventing NV tools usage

    • beta (December 03, 2009)

      * Added option to force source display aspect ratio
      * Added option to force static crop values
      * Added option to show an application's help file in the Applications dialog
      * Added support for sub menus in the filter menu
      * Added various new AviSynth filters profiles
      * Added various new audio and video profiles and changed menu structure
      * Added menu to choose image size in main dialog
      * Added menu to override the auto detection of the source PAR
      * Added task dialog to quickly find and perform the following tasks: batch encode files using audio profiles, copy macros, reset settings, show the help file of application, launch a application, open the directory of a application, show the website of a application
      * Added option to play various files (Tools / Play File)
      * Added option to show various files (Tools / Show File)
      * Added option to show media info on various files (Tools / Media Info)
      * Added x264 zones feature to preview
      * Added support for OGM sources
      * Updated mkvtoolnix to version 2.9.9
      * Updated x264 to rev 1354
      * Fixed bug AAC decoding not working, now using FAAD2 instead of ffmpeg
      * Fixed crash using the auto overcrop feature used in the iPod template
      * Fixed bug causing mkv demuxing to fail on unusual ordered streams
      * Fixed bug preventing DGMultiSource to be used
      * Changed TS AVC handling from DGAVCDEC to DirectShow

    • 1.1.3

      * Added new GUI for audio with AC3 support using eac3to. The new GUI will serve as foundation for better Blueray and AVCHD support in future versions
      * Added possibility to use shift key to crop 8 pixel instead of 2 pixel while cropping using mousewheel. Added menu item in crop dialog to remove all cropping. Added DAR display in crop dialog status display
      * Added display for target DAR, PAR and SAR in main dialog (SAR = Storage Aspect Ratio). Added display for Source DAR in main dialog. Mod values are only displays when differ from 16/16
      * Added DGMPGDEC 1.5.7 and changed it to run hidden reporting progress to StaxRip
      * Improved user interface to match Vista/Win 7 look and feel.
      * Improved handling of various input formats
      * Updated mkvtoolnix to version 3.0.0
      * Updated x264 to r1376
      * Moved preparers from project options to settings
      * Fixed application dialog slow loading, high memory usage and crashes on faulty systems
      * Fixed not taking notice of script changes resulting in different image size, framerate, length etc.
      * Fixed bug force film detection being broke
      * Various other minor fixes, improvements and updates

    • beta

      * Added eac3to GUI for Blu-ray demuxing
      * Added feature to save thumbnails similar like the MPC feature, can be enabled in the options under Advanced > Image and customized in the settings under General > Advanced > Thumbnails. To generate thumbnails without processing a project go to Tools > Advanced > Batch generate thumbnails
      * Added feature to cut using mkvmerge when just muxing is used and no encoding is performed, can be enabled in the muxer configuration
      * Added feature to append code to Trim functions useful to add FadeIn/FadeOut (Options > Advanced > Filters)
      * Added support for file extensions containing non word characters, *.thd+ac3 for instance
      * Added support muxing Blu-ray audio formats
      * Added better default handling for various formats
      * Added option to encode audio to Flac using eac3to
      * Updated mkvtoolnix to version 3.2.0 ('Beginnings')
      * Updated x264 to r1471. Reset video encoder profiles because the default for --b-pyramid was changed to normal in x264. Projects/jobs/templates are not reset.

    • beta

      * Fixed crash making a comp. check with sources having a high bitrate
      * Fixed crash streams in MKV sources containing titles using Unicode
      * Added setting to encode audio in parallel, disabled by default
      * Added option to change sample rate in audio dialog
      * Updated x264 to r1510, added Superfast preset, added --nal-hrd switch, added Blu-ray device and profile
      * Updated mkvtoolnix to v3.3.0
      * Updated eac3to to v3.18
      * Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.30

    • 1.1.6

      * Fixed crash making a comp. check with sources having a high bitrate
      * Fixed crash streams in MKV sources containing titles using Unicode
      * Fixed bitrate not set using DivX ASP anamorphic (patch by Nico Hanus)
      * Fixed DivX container not acception invariant language (patch by Nico Hanus)
      * Fixed DivX ASP new fast first pass mode not working (patch by Nico Hanus)
      * Added setting to encode audio in parallel, disabled by default
      * Added option to change sample rate in audio dialog
      * Updated x264 to r1542, added Superfast preset, added --nal-hrd switch, added Blu-ray device and profile
      * Updated mkvtoolnix to v3.3.0
      * Updated eac3to to v3.18
      * Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.30
      * Updated ffmpeg to 2010-04-21
    • beta

      * Added option to convert Blu-ray subtitles to VobSub subtitles using BDSup2Sub (Options > Subtitles > Convert Sup to Sub)
      * Added support for moving crop values into dgi file for GPU cropping (there is a question after the crop dialog closes)
      * Added NV tools to applications dialog and launch menu
      * Added source filter profiles DGSource 720p and DGSource 1024x576 but without reseting profiles
      * Added option to force ffmpeg as audio encoder, mostly useful to decode
      * Added warning appearing when the input format isn't supported by the audio encoder using the Execute feature in the audio dialog
      * Added possibility to edit the location and version in the Applications dialog, see F1, F11, F12 shortcuts
      * Added preview option in muxing dialog to preview subtitles with a external player including audio
      * Added option to open SUP and VobSub subtitles with BDSup2Sub in the muxing dialog useful to take a look at the subtitle content
      * Added display of file size for each subtitle file in the muxing dialog
      * Fixed bug second audio track not being picked up
      * Fixed bug audio delay not detected demuxing mkv
      * Fixed bug Execute feature in audio dialog not working when no video source is loaded
      * Fixed bug aspect ratio not properly detected for some source formats
      * Updated x264 to r1683
      * Updated mkvtoolnix to version 4.2.0
      * Updated ffmpeg to 2010-07-25
      * Updated MediaInfo to version
      * Reorganized muxing dialog
      * Changed eac3to to be the default AAC encoder
      * Disabled header compression for mkv muxing
      * Playing the script at Tools > Play file > AviSynth script or in the Preview dialog at Tools > External Preview adds sound to the script using NicAudio if possible and resizes to set the aspect ratio if necessary. It's now also possible to play the script from the filters menu in the main dialog
    • beta

      * Fixed bug trying to run DGIndexNV even though it's not installed
      * Fixed bug same source file picked up for both audio tracks
      * Fixed bug mkvmerge custom command line parameters with attachments added to MP4Box custom command line parameters
      * Fixed bug subtitle preview in cropping dialog not showing subtitles due to MakeMKV created idx files not being compatible with vsfilter, also inserted subtitle filter after cropping both in the subtitle preview and in the add hardcoded subtitle feature in the main dialog
      * Added WebM video encoder profile with simple GUI, WebM muxer profile and WebM template
      * eac3to demuxer defaults now to mkv output, DGIndexNV, ffms2 and DSS can open it, DGAVCDEC can't
      * Removed asking to demux video from MKV now using defaults, AVC and MPEG-2 is not demuxed since DSS, ffms2 and DGIndexNV can open it
      * In case the first audio decoding method fails a second method is tried
      * Changed shortcut for 'No Crop' in Cropping dialog to N and added new menu item 'Crop Options...' showing the crop options directly from the Cropping dialog
      * In case the audio track language is undetermined StaxRip now first tries to find a track with language of the current locale as track 1 and english as track 2
      * Improved source PAR detection for some formats
    • beta

      * If StaxRip finds a vobsub subtitle containing forced captions it will create a separate vobsub file containing only forced subtitles using *_Forced.idx as filename
      * Fixed bug PSP device setting not using --b-pyramid none. Encoder profiles weren't reset so either must be reset manually or the PSP profiles must be corrected manually
      * Fixed UI bugs on small resolutions like Netbooks have
      * Subtitles with unknown language use now undetermined instead of the current locale language
      * Added warning regarding missing DirectShow filters
      * Added support to use wmv as audio source file with 'just Mux' audio profile, it will mux WMA into MKV then
      * Added option to downconvert to 16-bit (enabled by default)
      * Updated x264 to r1698
      * Updated eac3to to version 3.24
    • beta

      * Improved source aspect ratio and frame rate detection
      * New Getting Started dialog for beginners
      * Various tweaks to improve handling of rare formats
      * Updated DGMPGDec to version 1.5.8
      * Replaced old folder browser with new vista filder browser
      * Fixed bug video delay in MKV not detected
      * Added various eac3to and BeSweet options
      * Updated x264 to r1703

    • beta

      * Fixed trying to create forced subtitle files without Java being installed
      * Fixed Java x64 not being detected
      * Fixed StaxRip trying to use a network directory as temp files directory, opening a source from a network directory StaxRip will now ask for a local temp files directory
      * Fixed native crash in the Event Commands editor happening with command having Boolean values
      * Fixed bug failing to mux mono audio streams
      * Updated Nero to version 1.5.4
      * Updated x264 to r1724
      * Changed default audio processing back to BeSweet for input formats supported by BeSweet, apparently it's more reliable then eac3to
      * Changed start credits default to q=30, end credits q=35, reset preview dialog menu to force new defaults
      * Enabled sup to sub conversion by default and silently omit execution in case Java isn't installed