Angepinnt h264enc - The interactive shell script ripper

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    • ChangeLog for version 8.4.1

      * Updated the keyframe auto detection
      * Updated the audio_channels_func() function
      * Updated the --help section
      * Set the field dominance of the yadif deinterlacer to auto-detection. If the decoder
      doesn't export the field order, it defaults to TFF (top field first)
      * Enabled multi-channel AAC audio for the Sony PS3 presets
      * Small update to the FPS conversion menu
      * Fixed a typo in the color() function
      * Small menu enhancements to the video_interlace_func() function
      * Added support for video bitrate calculation when using 5 channels PCM audio
      * Removed delay when exiting from user interrupt
      * Updated the audio codecs menu
      * Updated the README.encoding file

      ChangeLog for version 8.4.2

      * Fixed a problem where the detected resolution based on the
      crop values favored the values of the cropdetect filter instead of the
      user provided values. Reported by blaz from the Doom9 forum
      * Renamed resolution variable 'res' to 'vres'
      * Added support for doing 25 -> 50 fps and 29.970 -> 59.940 fps conversion using simple frame duplication
      * Updated the man page
    • ChangeLog for version 8.4.3

      * Clarify that the aspec ratio is the one for input sources
      * Added MP4Box -ipod switch for the iPod/iPhone profiles
      * Set the field order of the frame doubling yadif deinterlacer to auto detection
      * Implemented source_fps_func() function to reduce code duplication. This function
      automatically detects the FPS of the content and is shared between the deinterlace
      and interlace functions
      * Added support for applying denoising/deblocking on interlaced content. This is done
      by deinterleaving the content with the il=d filter, applying the denoising/deblocking on
      the deinterleaved content and interleaving it back with the il=i filter. That way we don't
      break the interlacing
      * Color enhancements to the -bpp and -bpb options

      ChangeLog for version 8.4.4

      * Small menu enhancements to the FPS settings
      * Fixed wrong explanation for the temporal denoiser
      * Removed support for the Sonic and SonicLS audio codecs since they
      are experimental and far from complete for daily use
      * Updated the man page

      ChangeLog for version 8.4.5

      * Fix for the sdb, sdm, sdh, hdb, hdm and hdh presets. These presets are only
      supported in 1-, 2-, or 3-pass mode since they use VBV maxrate and VBV bufsize
      with is not compatible with QP/CRF encoding modes
    • ChangeLog for version 8.5.1

      * Added support for using the neroAacEnc AAC audio encoder when using the portable device presets icvp, ichqvp, ivp, ihqvp, ipvp, iphqvp, avp, ahqvp, nks60vp, nks60hqvp, pspvp, psphqvp, ps3vp, ps3hqvp, zvp, zhqvp, xvp and xhqvp
      * Bugfix: when using the f9 or f9hq preset with the neroAAC audio codec, -oac pcm was not passed to the MEncoder options
      * Changed default unsharp mask / gaussian blur matrix to chroma & luma 5x5 as it provides a better balance than the 3x3 matrix

    • ChangeLog for version 8.5.3

      * Feature request: add the possibility to disable MEncoder's A/V sync algorithm when encoding video files.
      This can be used to fix input video files with bad A/V sync in them, however there are no guarantees that this will actually fix the problem
      * Added initial support for the TS container. This requires tsMuxeR and MP4Box (for audio/video dumps). When muxing to the TS container, only the FAAC AAC and AC3/copy audio codecs are supported.
      Read the README.h264enc file which provides more information on where to get tsMuxeR.
      * Updated the -sc option, added tsMuxeR to the list
      * Enabled back the use of temporary directories based on process ID to store config files
      * Fixed a bug in the check_audio_codec_func() function. Variable MENOCDER should be MENCODER
      * Updated the requirements part in the README.h264enc file
      * Small clean ups
      * Updated the man page

    • ChangeLog for version 8.5.4

      * Added support for DTS, MP3 and MP2 audio for the TS container
      * Optimizations to the TS container batch exporting code
      * iPod optimizations to the MP4 muxing code
      * Enabled neroAAC and Vorbis audio support for the Matroska container
      * Updated the audio part of the PS3 presets. Added audio copy support so a user can just copy the AC3 stream and later on mux it into a TS transport stream. Note that I'm not sure if the PS3 can play H.264 TS files since the PS3 doc only mentions MPEG2 TS and PS
      * Added tsMuxeR options "insertSEI" and "contSPS" as default when muxing to the TS container
      * Small tunings to the ps3vp preset. Made it main profile instead of high profile -> ps3hqvp is already high profile so no need for ps3vp to also be high profile
      * Disabled weight_b for the anime presets. According to Dark Shikari (an x264 developer) it decreases the effectiveness of multiref while providing no benefit
      * Do not ask for FPS conversion or pullup/pulldown if the user forces an output frame rate

    • ChangeLog for version 8.5.5

      * Presets updates: most presets have been updated to reflect the recent
      changes made to the subme system in libx264. The options 'bime' and 'brdo' have
      also been removed as they are no longer available as separate options in libx264.
      'bime' is automatically enabled if a preset uses subme >= 5, brdo has been included
      into the subme system. Please upgrade your libx264 to the latest version if you
      encounter problems when using the presets.
      * Updated the 'preset.cfg' preset skeleton file
      * Separated the 'normal' deinterlacers from the frame doubling ones
      * More optimizations to the TS container code
      * Disabled b_pyramid for the PS3 presets. Should increase compatibility with the PS3 a bit more
      * Added Vorbis audio support for the OGM container
      * denoise3d & hqdn3d: increased default denoising values to 3:2:3:2
      * Removed path specification for MEncoder
      * Cosmetics & cleanups

    • ChangeLog for version 8.5.6

      * Updated the 'preset.cfg' skeleton file. Added support for psy_rd, Psychovisual optimization
      * Improved subtitle handling for video file encodings. Now the user can select to hardcode a given
      subtitle into the movie or import it into the MP4 and/or MKV container. Only two subtitle formats are
      supported and have been tested: VobSub and SRT
      * Added support for sample encoding and previewing. When encoding samples, one can specify the
      start position and the duration in seconds for the sample. Sample encoding respects encoding passes
      meaning if you execute h264enc in two-pass mode and want to encode a sample before the real encoding
      starts, then the sample will also be encoded in two-pass mode with all the options and filters selected by
      the user. Sample encoding can further be used to encode only specific parts of a video file or a DVD. In
      regards to DVDs, sample encoding does not respect selected DVD chapters meaning the given start position
      for the sample will overwrite the selected DVD chapter(s). This is a mencoder problem and there's nothing I can do about it.
      * Presets update: most presets for portable devices have been renamed. Please read the man page or
      execute 'h264enc --help' for more information
      * Added two QuickTime presets - qt and qthq
      * denoise3d & hqdn3d: implemented weak/medium/strong denoising presets
      * Removed quantization parameters for the spp, uspp, fspp and pp7 deblockers
      * Updated the crop preview code. Instead of sleeping for 15 seconds and then killing the PID value of mplayer,
      use the -endpos option
      * Updated the man page

    • ChangeLog for version 8.5.7

      * Improved DVD handling. Now there's a menu where the user can select the
      input type: ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder or DVD drive
      * Presets updates: updated the b_adapt option. It supports parameters. Also updated
      the standard presets to use level 4.1 instead of 5.1 and enabled psy_rd (psychovisual
      optimization) for all presets that use subq 6 or higher
      * Added two Archos 605 presets (ar and arhq). The presets are directly lifted from AutoMKV
      (thanks buzzqw) but are a bit modified to get a somewhat higher quality
      * Added two Blackberry 9000 presets (bb and bbhq)
      * Added two Blu-ray presets (bd and bdhq). When using these presets, h264enc can create
      a Blu-ray disc structure if tsMuxeR is available on the user's system. Latest tsMuxeR version
      for Linux is 1.7.3(b) which has a bug when creating a Blu-ray structure. h264enc has a workaround
      for this
      * Added access unit delimiters (aud) for the PS3, Blu-ray and HW compatible presets
      * Set the field order of the tfields filter to auto detection
      * Bugfix: when using the presets for the iPod/iPhone, h264enc didn't set the SAR to 1:1 when remuxing
      to MP4. Bug was introduced due to renaming of the portable device presets
      * Removed AAC object type complexity menu. AAC (FAAC) is best used in low complexity mode
      * Small improvement to the TS container code. Always write the FPS value to the meta file when
      muxing to TS. Also use mencoder/mplayer instead of MP4Box to extract video and audio
      * Added extra strong denoising preset for the denoise3d & hqdn3d filters
      * Implemented configuration file support. As of this version, h264enc automatically generates a config
      file in its configuration directory. The config file can be used by the user to modify/set the paths to
      various programs. This can be useful if the user has multiple executables of the same program(s) but
      wants to use a specific one for the job. It can also be used to set the correct path to a program if the
      program in question is not located in a standard location and cannot be found by the system. The configuration
      file cannot be used to store encoding settings or other parameters! It is only meant for the tools needed for
      the correct operation of h264enc. The config file will be generated in /home/user_name/.h264enc/config.
      The config file has its own versioning system and will be automatically updated in case something changes
      in future versions of h264enc
      * Added -r option to reset the config file in case the user has made any changes to it and wants to restore
      the original values of the config file
      * Updated the man page

      ChangeLog for version 8.5.8

      * Added support for the aacplusenc AAC+ audio encoder from Matteo Croce
      * Updated the MP4 & MKV batch exporting and muxing code to support the aacplusenc encoder
      * Display elapsed time when encoding samples
      * Added NAL HRD to the Blu-ray presets. This requires a patched x264 with the NAL HRD patch.
      The patch along with install instructions can be downloaded from
      * Added option nal_hrd to the 'preset.cfg' skeleton file
      * In some cases it is possible for h264enc to leave its unique temp directory. Find those directories
      and remove them if they are 15 or more days old
      * Added support for deinterlacing at half frame rate. Useful for interlaced content that's running
      at 50 or 59.940 fps (100i/120i)
      * Updated the source_fps_func() function
      * Removed support for the MP2, WMA and ADPCM audio codecs. No one uses these codecs in
      combination with H.264 video
      * Removed support for MPEG-2 AAC audio
      * Reduced some code duplication in the set_output_filename_func() function by moving path
      and extension checking into its own function
      * SSIM and PSNR statistics are now enabled by default
      * Removed the noise filter. No real use for it
      * Updated the audio_resample_func() function
      * Updated the check_audio_codec_func() function
      * Updated the genconfig_func() function
      * Updated the man page
      * Updated the README.h264enc file

      ChangeLog for version 8.5.9

      * Rewrote the DVD part of the video_subtitles_func() function. It now supports
      dumping two subtitles to disk
      * Updated the MP4/MKV muxing code to support importing of two subtitles
      * Dramatically simplified the MP4/MKV/OGM batch exporting code. This reduces a
      lot of code duplication
      * Bugfix in the video_subtitles_func() function for SRT subtitles for video files. Wrong variable used
      * When encoding samples, make sure to take care of any subtitles that might have been dumped to disk
      * Don't exit if the user provides a floating point value for the Vorbis audio codec. Instead warn
      and use the default value.
      * New formula to calculate the video bitrate for a target filesize. The previous formula, which was
      directly taken from the ripdvd project, incorrectly calculates the bitrate which often results by
      missing the target filesize by as much as 30 MB. The new formula also uses floating point precision
      and has been tested agains the calculators of MeGUI and Avidemux
      * Removed support for me-prepass
      * Removed neroAacEnc quality-based encoding mode. It is incompatible with video bitrate calculation
      for a target size and I cannot find any info on quality -> average bitrate mappings.
      * Updated the HW compatible presets. Changed H.264 Level for the SD presets from 3.1 to 3.0 and
      for the HD presets from 4.1 to 4.0. Also updated the vbv_maxrate values according to Level specs
      * Restructured the Blu-ray presets. Now there are four different Blu-ray presets available: bd40, bdhq40,
      bd41, bdhq41. bd40 is Main profile @ Level 4.0, bdhq40 is High profile @ Level 4.0, bd41 is Main
      profile @ Level 4.1 and bdhq41 is High profile @ Level 4.1
      * Allow CRF encoding to be used with some device presets (ps3, xbox360, appletv)
      * Updated the man page
      * Some cleanups
    • ChangeLog for version 8.6.0

      * Bugfix: add the $ofps variable to MEncoder when dumping a second subtitle.
      Also enable pcm as audio to maintain sync with the video. A small performance hit but it's worth it
      * Added support for dumping one more subtitle. This brings it to a total of 3 subtitles that can be dumped
      to disk and imported into the MKV and/or MP4 container
      * Dramatically simplified the TS/Blu-ray muxing code
      * Implemented initial real batch support for files. As of now, one can encode a bunch of video files in a
      directory and automatically remux them to MKV/MP4/OGM. The TS container is not supported yet due
      to me being lazy. The user only needs to configure one of the files in a given directory, and all the settings
      will apply to the other files as well
      * Moved the DVD device detection code into its own function to reduce some code duplication
      * Made the encoding priority level global. It now applies to audio/video dumping, audio encoding, subtitles
      dumping and container muxing

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.1

      * Empty variables cleanups
      * Bugfix: the vobsubout3 variable was not tested in the MKV/MP4 muxing code. This leads
      to the third subtitle not being imported into these containers
      * Added support for TS/Blu-ray muxing when batch encoding files in a directory
      * Small improvements for batch encoding of video files in a directory
      * New formulas to calculate the video bitrate for a target filesize. The user can choose between
      MeGUI's formula, h264enc's refactored MeGUI formula and the old h264enc/ripdvd formula

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.2

      * Replaced the -fq option by -qp and -crf for consistency with x264
      * Replaced --help with -help for consistency with the other options
      * Added support for importing up to three subtitles (VobSub or SRT) into the MKV/MP4
      containers when encoding a video file or a directory with files. Also hardcoding a subtitle
      is now possible for directory encodings
      * Lots of empty variables and code cleanups
      * Reduced a lot of code duplication in the batch exporting code by using only one variable
      to carry the output file
      * Optimized the MKV/MP4/OGM/TS/Blu-ray muxing code for directory encodings
      * Simplified the MKV/MP4 subtitles importing code. The new code is a bit ugly, but is much
      smaller and works quite well. It's basically a small loop which tests the subtitle variables for
      not being empty, and if so, it appends the values to the MKVSUBS/MP4SUBS variables
      * When encoding to neroAAC/AAC+/Vorbis audio and muxing to MKV, take the video directry
      from the AVI file instead of dumping it to disk. That way we can skip the dumping process and
      don't have to pass the FPS value of the raw video to mkvmerge since it takes it directly from
      the AVI. This also makes the code a bit more simple. When also muxing to MP4, MP4Box always
      dumps the video so we're safe here. Same thing for the TS container
      * Added support for detecting the audio codec of the video file/DVD when using audio stream copy.
      Based on the detected audio codec, decision is made if we allow or disallow muxing to MKV/MP4/TS/OGM
      * Updated the man page

      * Also today is h264enc's second public anniversary. On the 29th of November 2006, I released the
      first version (version 1.5) on SourceForge. Since then, h264enc has developed from a primitive and
      limited shell script to something more mature. When I looked back at the old code of version 1.5, I
      really had to laugh and wonder at the same time. I did a lot of stupid things back then

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.3

      * Small bugfix: IVTC/Telecine was still asked if user has selected to do FPS conversion using
      frame duplication (25 -> 50 fps, 50 -> 100 fps). This is due to wrong variable being tested: $fpsfilter instead of $frc
      * Use MEncoder to dump the video when remuxing to MP4 as MP4Box can crap out in certain cases.
      I'm tired of fixing MP4Box' problems :/ but the alternative (mp4creator) is a piece of crap too and is no
      longer maintained. It doesn't support VobSub subtitles either, nor chapter files AFAIK
      * Made the Insane High Quality (IHQ) preset more insane. The IHQ preset is my baby so it gets very
      special treatment, haha! Increased frameref from 8 to 16, increased me_range from 64 to 128, enabled
      all partitions instead of using only p8x8,b8x8,i8x8,i4x4 and set trellis to 2. I hope the Japs are happy now :D
      * Added support for providing a custom factor value when using the video bitrate calculation formulas
      * Added initial support for a second audio track for DVD encodings. Below is a list of what currently
      works and what doesn't:
      * PCM audio is not supported yet. It's not a priority for me
      * If you're looking for second audio track in AVI, don't waste your time. I will never support it.
      Use the MKV/MP4/TS/OGM containers
      * Audio filters are supported for both tracks
      * Audio codecs and audio filters apply to both tracks. One can't
      use, for example, Vorbis audio for first and AAC audio for second
      track. One also can't set audio bitrate independently for each track
      * Audio stream copy is supported by the MKV/TS/OGM containers. For the MKV/TS containers
      one can copy AC3 + AC3 or AC3 + DTS audio. For OGM only AC3 + AC3 is supported since it
      knows nothing about DTS audio. If DTS audio is selected, it will be ignored
      * I use (very?) dirty tricks to maintain A/V sync when one uses frame
      altering video filters, like bobbing, interlacing, ivtc/telecine,
      FPS conversion
      * Updated the video bitrate calculation code to support a second audio track
      * Updated the MKV/MP4/TS/OGM containers code to support a second audio track
      * Better explanation about what the -r option does/is used for
      * Implemented audio_exit_func() function. This function kicks in effect if the audio encoding with an
      external audio encoder didn't succeed. If this is the case, the function will be called with the appropriate
      parameters and will force an exit to prevent container conversion. This is because if the audio encoding
      fails for some reason, container conversion will automatically fail too since the muxing programs will complain
      about the missing audio file and will exit, thus there is no point in continuing and displaying conversion failing messages
      * Reduced the amount of options displayed when one calls the script without any parameters. From now on it will just display:
      Usage: h264enc <options>
      Use 'h264enc -help' for more information
      * Better wording in the preset.cfg skeleton file
      * Some old comments cleanups
      * Updated the man page

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.4

      * Request from yeye69: add three VDPAU/DXVA presets (vdhq, vdehq and vdihq)
      * Changed b_adapt=1 to b_adapt=2 for all presets that use 6 b-frames or less
      * Improved dealing with LPCM audio on DVDs. If the user has selected to encode a second audio
      track and that track uses LPCM as audio, the encoding will fail since -oac copy will not be able to
      copy LPCM in AVI. For this reason, h264enc will check to see if the second audio track is LPCM
      audio and will use -oac pcm instead of -oac copy
      * DVD channels settings can be now independently controlled for each audio track
      * Added support for AC3 in MP4. This requires latest gpac version 0.4.5 compiled with liba52 support!
      * Disabled AQ for the anime presets
      * Updated the man page

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.5

      * Huge bugfix to the audio part of the portable device presets. Variable audiocodec2 was
      missing resulting in the second audio track being ignored. Everyone who uses these presets
      and wants a second audio track should upgrade ASAP
      * Offer nosound audio option for the portable device presets
      * Don't exit if the user has not added the .avi extension for the output file. Instead automatically add the extension to it

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.6

      * Added support for the software equalizer video filter (eq2)
      * Removed signal SIGTSTP from the trap list. The user can now suspend the encoding process
      with CTRL+Z and continue later on by typing fg in the terminal
      * Small loop modifications in the video_subtitles_func() function
      * Set default AAC profile when using neroAacEnc to LC instead of HE
      * Added support for VCD/SVCD encodings. Yeah, yeah (S)VCD is crap and old but nevertheless
      I'll support it. It's a small change to the codebase of h264enc anyways
      * Add option -ipod to the MP4Box muxing parameters. This removes the need of running MP4Box
      again after muxing just to rewrite the file for the iPod/iPhone
      * Added a condition to check if MP4Box is compiled with the PSP patch and if so, the -psp option will
      be added to the parameters when using the Sony PSP presets. The PSP patch along with install instructions
      can be downloaded from h264enc's site at
      * Small loop modifications to the get_dvd_devices_func() function
      * Small modifications to the install script
      * Updated the man page

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.7

      * Added two AVCHD presets (avchd and avchdhq)
      * Removed tsMuxeR options insertSEI, contSPS and --vbv-len when using the
      Blu-ray and AVCDHD presets
      * Use 'source' instead of '.' for importing files into the script. Makes it easier for
      me to read when my eyes are tired
      * Moved the CONFIGDIR variable to the configuration file. This allows the user to set
      a custom temporary directory for storing temp files for encoding/remuxing. If the variable is
      unset in the config file, h264enc defaults to $HOME/.h264enc/h264enc_<PID>. This change
      updates the config file to version 3. Requested by Matyas Sustik
      * Improvements to the audio_resample_func() function. Automatically detect the audio sample
      rate of the content and display it. Also, moved the resample filters into a function called
      audio_resample_filters_func(). This change allows for comparing the detected with the selected
      sample rate and if both are the same, resampling will be skipped
      * For directory encodings, offer an option to automatically delete the AVI file after remuxing to the
      other containers. This can considerably reduce disk space usage, especially when encoding a
      directory with a lot of files in it.
      * Replaced all 'tail -1' commands with 'tail -n 1' since 'tail -1' is made obsolete as stated by the info page of tail
      * Lowered psy trellis by 0.1 for all presets that use it. Seems 0.3 can cause weak mosquito noise
      on some content, even at such low values
      * Use a weak AQ strength of 0.5 for the anime presets to reduce blocking in dark areas
      * Added -channels option when scanning a video file for its audio properties
      * Updated the man page

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.8

      * Calculate and display the amount of frames when scanning a video file. Also display seconds in
      addition to minutes for the runtime
      * Replaced MB and GB with MiB and GiB
      * Updates to the hq, vhq, ehq, ihq, ani and anihq presets: lower b-frames from 16 to 5 for the hq, ani and
      anihq, from 16 to 6 for the vhq, from 16 to 7 for the ehq and from 16 to 8 for the ihq presets and use b_adapt=2
      instead of b_adapt=1. These changes increase encoding time a bit but are worth it quality-wise
      * Updated QP range, add 0 for lossless mode

      ChangeLog for version 8.6.9

      * Add title/movie name to MKV and OGM as meta-info. The title is taken from the output name
      provided by the user. For directory encodings, this will be skipped
      * Add audio codec and audio language meta-info to MKV when encoding DVDs and copying the audio track(s).
      Requested by Quentin Jackson
      * Added support for the expand video filter
      * Slightly improved info when the script is called without any parameters
      * Implemented denoising presets for the 'tn' temporal denoiser
      * Merge the mp3, aac, ac3 exporting code with the ffac3 and ffdts one since it's the same for the second audio track
    • ChangeLog for version 8.7.0 - small release

      * Added support for setting the position of the expand filer when scaling is used.
      The user can now choose to place it before or after the scale filter. Previously the expand
      filter was always placed after the scale filter which is not optimal in certain cases
      * Small improvement/fix: when encoding two audio tracks to HE-AAC audio and muxing them
      into MKV, mkvmerge uses for both tracks the same track ID (1) while h264enc assumes that
      the second track uses track ID 2 which is wrong so the option --aac-is-sbr 2:1 is incorrect here
      and should actually be --aac-is-sbr 1:1 for the second audio track

      ChangeLog for version 8.7.1

      * Use keyint_min of 2 instead of 1 for the Blu-ray/AVCHD presets to prevent consecutive IDR frames
      * Added -loop 1 to MPlayer to prevent infinite looping if user has set -loop 0 in MPlayer's config file. Suggested
      by Jan Paral (Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Alberta, Canada)

      ChangeLog for version 8.7.2

      * Rewrote and simplified the video_denoise_func() function. Merged the presets with the denoise filters
      * Added two Archos 5 presets (ar5 and ar5hq)
      * Removed unused global_header variable from h264enc and the preset.cfg file
      * Add audio meta-data info for the MKV container when using aac, mp3, ac3 or vorbis audio
      * Revert back to the old crop detection method for DVDs as it was more precise in some cases than the
      currently used one. This forces the video codec during crop detection to mpeg12 instead of ffmpeg2 as the
      -sstep option doesn't play nice with ffmpeg2
      * Updated the man page

      ChangeLog for version 8.7.3

      * Optimize output file naming for file/vcd encodings. Based on a patch by Jouni Suorsa
      * Added support for the dsize video filter
      * Added support for VBR audio encoding when using FAAC or neroAacEnc as encoder. This automatically
      disables target file size calculation until I find out how to map quality values to bitrates for these codecs

      ChangeLog for version 8.7.4

      * Proper file extension handling for directory batch encodings
      * Removed workaround for bug present in old versions of tsMuxeR. Please upgrade to tsMuxeR version 1.9.1(b).
      The previous one is no longer supported
      * Optimizations to the Blu-ray and AVCHD muxing code
      * Add video fps value to the tsMuxeR meta file for TS/Blu-ray/AVCHD muxing
      * User request: add an mplayer variable to the config file where the user can set custom mplayer options.
      One should be careful which options he uses as some of them may introduce problems and make h264enc
      behave badly. The default option set in the new MPLAYEROPTS variable is '-noconfig all' which disables
      parsing of the mplayer config file
      * Made the VCD device scanning code a function -> get_vcd_devices_func()
      * Updated the -scan option to also support VCD scanning
      * Small cleanups

      ChangeLog for version 8.7.5 - small improvement/fix

      * Dump first subtitle during the first pass of a multipass encode to avoid possible delay problems

      ChangeLog for version 8.7.6

      * Bugfix: missing 's' in the sed expression of the MP4OUT variable. This results in
      missing output file and will fail when one tries to remux to mp4

      h264enc für Linux
    • ChangeLog for version 8.7.7

      * Optimize some variables by replacing piping to sed with VARIABLE1="${VARIABLE2%.*}.ext"
      * Move out the built-in -loop 1 mplayer option to the config file's MPLAYEROPTS variable
      * Add support for enabling/disabling specific pre/postprocessing filters in the config file.
      This adds 7 new variables to the config file where the user can either enable to ask questions
      about a specific filter or disable a specific variable, thus skipping questions about the filter
      * Moved the video filters code to a new function called video_filters_func(). This also
      reduces a bit of code duplication
      * Add a new option -e which allows the user to edit the config file directly from within the terminal.
      This adds a new variable EDITOR to the config file where the user can set his preferred
      text editor (defaults to nano)
      * Silence possible dvdxchap warnings
      * Updated the man page

      ChangeLog for version 8.7.8

      - Small bugfix: video filters variables in the config file were not respected when one chooses to encode VCDs.
      - Add video title meta-data for MKV and OGM when doing directory batch encodings