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    • 26.0.0 "In The Game"
      ## New features and enhancements

      * mkvmerge: chapter generation: if the name template given by
      `--generate-chapters-name-template` is empty, no names (`ChapterDisplay`
      master elements with `ChapterString`/`ChapterLanguage` children) will
      be generated for the chapter atoms. Part of the implementation of #2275.
      * mkvmerge: chapters: chapter names generated from MPLS files will now
      use the name template if one is set via
      `--generate-chapters-name-template`. Part of the implementation of
      * mkvmerge: mkvmerge will no longer abort with an error message if no
      audio, video and subtitle tracks should be multiplexed. This allows
      copying of chapters from non-chapter source files (e.g. Matroska or MP4
      * MKVToolNix GUI: the font size in the tool selector on the left will
      scale with the font size the user selects in the preferences.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: the GUI will no longer automatically resize the
      columns in tree and list views to match the content size. Instead it
      remembers and restores the widths set by the user. Implements #2353.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the chapter name template will now be set
      automatically to the name template in the preferences' "chapter editor"
      section. Additionally the option `--generate-chapters-name-template …`
      will be passed to mkvmerge in situations when mkvmerge will generate
      chapters (either because automatic generation is enabled or if chapters
      are generated for MPLS playlists). Part of the implementation of #2275.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor: if the chapter name template is empty,
      chapters will be generated without names. Part of the implementation of
      * MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor: added an option to remove all chapter
      names to the "additional modifications" dialog. Part of the
      implementation of #2275.

      ## Bug fixes
      * mkvmerge: Matroska reader: fixed wrong timestamps when appending
      Matroska files where the second Matroska file's first timestamp is
      bigger than 0. Fixes #2345.
      * mkvmerge: MP4 reader: fixed division by zero errors during file identification if the timescale is 0 in the `MVHD` atom.
      * mkvmerge: Windows Television DVR files are now recognized as an
      unsupported file type. This prevents mis-detection as MPEG-2 with an
      accompanying flood of error messages. Fixes #2347.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: info tool: under certain circumstances "cues" were
      shown at the wrong level (inside the previous master element instead of
      on level 1). Fixes #2361.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: job queue: fixed invalid memory handling and
      consequent crashes when using the "edit in corresponding tool &
      remove from job queue" option if one of the files in that job contained
      attached files. Fixes #2368.

      ## Build system changes
      * An AppStream metadata file will be installed in `$prefix/share/metainfo`.
    • 27.0.0 "Metropolis"
      ## New features and enhancements

      * mkvmerge: chapters: the timestamps of chapters read from containers or
      from chapter files can be adjusted (multiplication and addition) with
      the new `--chapter-sync` option or using the special track ID `-2` for
      the existing `--sync` option. Part of the implementation of #2358.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: adjusted & added controls for
      mkvmerge's new feature of being able to adjust chapter timestamps. Part
      of the implementation of #2358.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: the GUI can now ask for confirmation when
      the user is about to create a file that won't contain audio tracks. It
      does this by default if at least one source file contains an audio
      track. Implements #2380.

      ## Bug fixes

      * mkvmerge: AC-3: dialog normalization gain removal was corrupting
      E-AC-3 frames irreversibly by writing checksums in places where they
      didn't belong. Additionally only the first E-AC-3 frame in a Matroska
      was processed but not additional dependent frames in the same block.
      Fixes #2386.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: fixed a leak of Windows font resources leading to a general slowdown and subsequent crash. Fixes #2372.
    • 28.0.0 "Voice In My Head"

      ## New features and enhancements

      * mkvmerge: AV1 parser: updated the code for the finalized AV1 bitstream specification. Part of the implementation of #2261.
      * mkvmerge: AV1 packetizer: updated the code for the finalized
      AV1-in-Matroska & WebM mapping specification. Part of the
      implementation of #2261.
      * mkvmerge: AV1 support: the `--engage enable_av1` option has been removed again. Part of the implementation of #2261.
      * mkvmerge: MP4 reader: added support for AV1. Part of the implementation of #2261.
      * mkvmerge: DTS: implemented dialog normalization gain removal for extension substreams. Implements #2377.
      * mkvmerge, mkvextract: simple text subtitles: added a workaround for
      simple text subtitle tracks that don't contain a duration. Implements
      * mkvextract: added support for extracting AV1 to IVF. Part of the implementation of #2261.
      * mkvextract: IVF extractor (AV1, VP8, VP9): precise values will be used
      for the frame rate numerator & denominator header fields for
      certain well-known values of the track's default duration.
      * mkvmerge: VP9: mkvmerge will now create codec private data according
      to the VP9 codec mapping described in the WebM specifications.
      Implements #2379.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: automatic scaling for high DPI displays is activated
      if the GUI is compiled with Qt 5.6.0. Fixes #1996 and #2383.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: added a menu item ("Help" "System information") for
      displaying information about the system MKVToolNix is running on in
      order to make debugging easier.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer, header editor: the user can enter a list
      of predefined track names in the preferences. She can later select from
      them in "track name" combo box. Implements #2230.

      ## Bug fixes

      * mkvmerge: JSON identification: fixed a bug when removing invalid UTF-8
      data from strings before they're output as JSON. Fixes #2398.
      * mkvmerge: MP4/QuickTime reader: fixed handling of PCM audio with FourCC `in24`. Fixes #2391.
      * mkvmerge: MPEG transport stream reader, teletext subtitles: the
      decision whether or not to keep frames around in order to potentially
      merge them with the following frame is made sooner. That avoids problems
      if there are large gaps between teletext subtitle frames which could
      lead to frames being interleaved too late. Fixes #2393.
      * mkvextract: IVF extractor (AV1, VP8, VP8): the frame rate header
      fields weren't clamped to 16 bits properly causing wrong frame rates to
      be written in certain situations.
      * mkvpropedit, MKVToolNix GUI's header editor: fixed file corruption
      when a one-byte space must be covered with a new EBML void element but
      all surrounding elements have a "size length" field that's eight bytes
      long already. Fixes #2406.
    • 28.1.0 "Morning Child"

      ## Bug fixes

      * mkvmerge: AV1 parser: fixed an error in the sequence header parser if
      neither the `reduced_still_picture_header` nor the
      `frame_id_numbers_present_flag` is set. Part of the fix for #2410.
      * mkvmerge: AV1 parser: when creating the `av1C` structure for the Codec
      Private element the sequence header OBU wasn't copied completely: its
      common data (type field & OBU size among others) was missing. Part
      of the fix for #2410.
      * mkvmerge: Matroska reader, AV1: mkvmerge will try to re-create the
      `av1C` data stored in Codec Private when reading AV1 from Matroska or
      WebM files created by mkvmerge v28.0.0. Part of the fix for #2410.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: info tool: the tool will no longer stop scanning
      elements when an EBML Void element is found after the first Cluster
      element. Fixes #2413.
    • 28.2.0 "The Awakening"
      ## Bug fixes

      * mkvmerge, mkvinfo, mkvextract, mkvpropedit, MKVToolNix GUI's info tool
      & chapter editor: fixed a case of memory being accessed after it
      had been freed earlier. This can be triggered by specially crafted
      Matroska files and lead to arbitrary code execution. The vulnerability
      was reported as Cisco TALOS 2018-0694 on 2018-10-25.
    • 29.0.0 "Like It Or Not"
      ## Important notes

      * The string formatting library used was switched from `boost::format`
      to [`fmt`]( See the section "Build system changes"
      for details.

      ## New features and enhancements

      * MKVToolNix GUI: added an option in the preferences for disabling automatic scaling for high DPI displays. Implements #2415.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: the GUI will now prevent the system from going to
      sleep while the job queue is running. This feature is implemented for
      macOS, Windows and Linux/Unix systems where the
      `org.freedesktop.login1.Manager` D-Bus interface is available.
      Implements #2411.

      ## Bug fixes

      * mkvmerge: chapter generation: the start timestamps of chapters
      generated in intervals was wrong for files whose smallest video
      timestamp was bigger than 0. Fixes #2432.
      * mkvmerge: MP4 reader: fixed handling of atoms whose size exceeds the parent atom's size. Fixes #2431.
      * mkvmerge, MKVToolNix GUI's chapter editor: the chapter name template
      will now also be used when reading Ogg-style chapter files with empty
      chapter names. Fixes #2441.
      * mkvextract: AAC: mkvextract will now write the program config element
      (PCE) before the first AAC raw data packet if the PCE is present in the
      `AudioSpecificConfig` structure in the `Codec Private` Matroska element.
      The PCE carries vital information about the number of channels and is
      required in certain cases. Fixes #2205 and #2433.
      * mkvpropedit, MKVToolNix GUI's header editor: in situations when a
      one-byte space must be covered by a new EBML void element the following
      element must be moved up instead. If that moved element is a cluster,
      the corresponding cue entries will now be updated to reflect the
      cluster's new position. Fixes #2408.
      * MKVToolNix GUI: Windows: the application manifest is now included properly so that Windows actually recognizes it. See #2415.

      ## Build system changes

      * Qt's D-Bus implementation is now required for building on systems other than macOS and Windows,
      * The `boost::format` library is not used anymore.
      * The [`fmt` library]( is now required. Versions 3
      and newer are supported. As not all Linux distributions include packages
      for the library, its release 5.2.1 comes bundled with MKVToolNix. The
      `configure` script will check for a system version of the library and
      use it if present and recent enough. Otherwise it will fall back to the
      bundled version and link that statically.