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    • MediaInfo - Aktuelle Version

      Version, 2008-08-22
      + Chinese Simplified, Italian, Korean, Russian, Albanian languages updated
      + #2044174, AVS (Chinese Audio Video Standard) support
      + #2030684, AVI: Support of malformed chunks
      + Matroska: delay between audio and video calculation (for AC-3, DTS, MPEG Audio)
      + Full Replay gain support (gain/peak, track/album) for Flac/Ogg/MP3
      + MPEG-TS without PAT/PMT (example: stream captured by some satellite TV receivers) support
      + MPEG-TS: Service info (name, provider, channel number) for both DVB and ATSC tags
      + Dot and thousand separator localized
      + Matroska: Handling of audio Delay
      x #2023872, DV: Crash with floating point exception on some files
      x #2024706, BDAV: Some QuickTime files misidentified as BDAV
      x #2033307, MPEG Video: Some raw files with high bitrate were not detected
      x #2040411, Id3v2: Crash with some malformed Id3v2 fields
      x #2036580, Id3v2: Problem when parsing big (>1M) Id3v2 tags, file was no more detected
      x #1893830, WMA/WMV: there was textual info (Linux/Mac only)
      x Video, Resolution/bits per pixel was sometimes per color entity, sometimes per pixel, now always per pixel
      x MPEG Video, the "Component" video standard was not detected
      x DLL only, the "by buffer" interface was broken

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    • Changes:
      Version, 2008-09-12
      + Chinese Simplified language updated
      + [2088009] Flac: Picture tag support
      + Flac: Support of Id3v1&2 in a Flac file
      + WM (ASF/WMV/WMA): detection of wrong framerate in header, trusting now the timestamp instead of the header
      + WM (ASF/WMV/WMA): detection of framerate from the timestamp when the framerate info is not available in the header
      + MPEG-4 with AVC: Added information about buggy files readable by all players except iPods
      + OGG: OGG with FLAC (pre- and post-FLAC 1.1.1) support
      x FLI/FLC: were not correctly detected
      x MPEG-TS without PAT/PMT: the complete stream was parsed, may be very long
      x Wavpack: duration and bitrate were false
      x #2071681, MPEG Audio: handling of truncated MPEG audio frames at the end of a file
      x #2032760, MPEG Audio: handling of MPEG Audio files with junk at the end
      x #2085149, Id3v2: was crashing with some malformed tags

    • Changes:
      Version, 2008-10-17
      + Chinese Traditional, Albanian, Korean, German languages updated
      + Support of VP5 file format
      + MPEG-4 Visual and MPEG Video: can now display the custom matrices data
      + WM: interlacement detection for VC-1 based codecs (WMV3...)
      + #2148321, PNG: more info
      + AVI: Better association of abcAVI tags to MediaInfo tags
      + PureBasic binding
      + Delphi binding: dynamic load (by default) of the library, thanks to Icebob
      x #2142995, MPEG-4: handling the Display Aspect Ratio from the track Header (tkhd)
      x #2141277, MPEG-PS/TS: Audio ID was hex for MPEG-PS but decimal for MPEG-TS streams
      x #2109107, Tags in Flac or Ogg: modification of the tag types priorities
      x #2120224, MPEG-4: some specific files were not parsed completely (missing info)
      x MPEG-TS with Dirac: some specific files were not parsed completely (missing info)
      x MPEG-4: Crash on MPEG-4 Visual format without DecDecoder stuff
      x Command line: was not reading custom template in UTF-8 codepage
      x DV: some files were not well detected
      x MPEG Video: some files were badly detected with 3:2 pulldown
      x AVS (Chinese): some corrections, thanks to Tom's translation of documents


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    • MediaInfo

      + Albanian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese Traditional), Turkish, Italian, German, Polish languages updated
      + #2216498, LPCM in VOB: more attributes (channels count, sampling rate, bitrate)
      + #2182135, Wavpack: support of multichannel files
      + AVC: detection of the newest profiles
      + DTS: detection of DTS-HRA, DTS-MA, DTS-Express, thanks to
      + AES3 PCM in MPEG-TS detection
      + Wavpack: Encoder settings
      + WMV with "WVC1" codec identifier: video interlacement
      + MPEG-4: E-AC-3 support
      x #2186682, MPEG-2 Video: Wrong PAR and DAR for Panasonic MPEG2 Files
      x MPEG-4: some AC-3 and AAC specific files reported wrong channels value

    • MediaInfo 0.7.8

      + Changing version schema, only 3 numbers (next versions will 0.7.9, 0.7.10...)
      + Catalan, Russian, Korean, Galician languages updated
      + Better Linux integration
      + rpm stuff (thanks to oc2pus
      + deb stuff
      + #2259421, FLAC and OGG: Encoding library name and version
      + FLV: version 10 support
      + FLV: duration of files without metatags
      + MPEG-4: Delay (useful when multiple videos are present)
      + Dirac: profiles updated from the latest specification
      + MPEG-4: more precise detection of OGG based codecs
      + MKV: better newest codecs handling
      + MKV: RealVideo/Audio support improvements
      + mipsel CPU support
      x #2406410: Removing the MediaInfo icon for uninstall
      x MPEG-PS: Trying to have a better precision for duration
      x WMV: crash with some malformed files
      x MPEG-TS: some channel names where not shown
      x MPEG Video (version 2): some streams were misdetected as CBR


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    • MediaInfo 0.7.9.

      + New icon design, thanks to T.J. Lentz
      + Albanian language updated
      + OGG: Dirac support
      + OGG: Speex support
      + OGG: other formats (JNG, Kate, MIDI, PCM...) detection
      + SWF: detection of more audio streams
      + MPEG-PS: Handling of PlayStation2 audio
      + #2474119, Minimal MZ (PE) and ELF detection
      + SMV (WAV/ADPCM+JPG files) file format support
      + DPG (Nintendo DS) file format support
      + QuickTime: TimeCode track analysis
      + MPEG-4 subtitles: difference between 'text' and 'tx3g' codecIDs
      x Python binding update for more compatibilty
      x #2424809, Shell Extension problem with some specific OS configuration and non-latin based characters
      x #2474280, OGG: handling of files with Skeleton Metadata
      x #2445654, OGG: better false-positives detection
      x #2493685, AVI: Wrong video duration for some malformed 4GB+ AVI/DV files
      x #2516007, "Language" raw tag was sometimes 3 letter long instead of 2-letter long
      x Floating point overflow correction


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    • Version 0.7.10, 2009-01-30
      + Spanish, Chinese (Traditional) translations updated
      + Mono (C#/Linux) binding
      + MPEG-4: Encoding library name
      + #2474280, OGG: Old version of Dirac identifier support
      + MPEG-TS: Encoded date for HDV
      + DVR-MS: Delay between two tracks
      + WAV: EBU Broadcast Wave format v1 support
      + CMP4: Basic support
      x #2529963: Infinite loop on one file
      x #2473140, DTS: error preventing 96/24 DTS detection
      x MPEG-4: Better support of Aspect ratio
      x Output was unstranslated and weird when $LANG is not set
      x C++ binding error in 0.7.9
      x Python binding improved and corrected (no more crash with Linux)
    • 0.7.11


      + Chinese (Simplified), German, Italian, Persian, Albanian, Dutch, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese translations updated
      + OGG: Better Kate and CMML codecs support
      + AVI: Detecting wrong aspect ratio from a broken AVI header
      + DTS: Handling of Little Endian and 14-bit streams
      + WAV: ID3v2 tags parsing
      + MPEG Video: frame order even for progressive sequence
      x #2559346, MKV: Detection of framerate in MKV without framerate header
      x #2474280, OGG: some streams had bad stream size
      x MPEG-TS: some buggy file may corrupt memory
      x MP3/Id3v2: crash with one malformed file

    • 0.7.12.

      + Belarusian, Croatian translations added
      + Polish, Traditional Chinese translations updated
      + Complete refactoring of the code for speed improvements and future features
      + #2686943, MPEG-4: ISMV (IIS Smooth Streaming Media Video) basic support
      + MPEG-4 Visual: distinction between MPEG and H.263 default matrices
      + MPEG-TS: ATSC and DVB EPG support
      x MPEG-PS: duplicate stream infos with some AC-3 streams (with program map)

    • 0.7.13

      + Hungarian, Albanian translations updated
      + #2635230, MPEG audio: Lame encoder settings
      + #2706146, WMV: detection of container wanted aspect ratio
      + #2611726, MKV: Audio delay detection
      + #2721811, MKV: TrueHD detection
      + Java: JNA (Java Native Access) binding
      + Exported "stream" interface for analyzing streams in memory (beta)
      + SHN (Shorten) detection
      + TAK (Tom's lossless audio compressor) detection
      + MPEG-TS parser optimizations
      + SWF: better handling of videos
      + WAV: better handling of 4GiB+ files
      + WAV: Extensible Wave support
      + MKV: Handling of chapters in multiple languages
      + Stream size for all streams when 1 video and all audio streams are CBR
      + Chapters are moved to menu part for better coherency with MPEG-TS, developers see Changes.txt for more info
      x #2712761, AVI: unsupported SalmonSoft text codec makes MediaInfo silently fail
      x #2719534, MKV: handling "modified" headers (zero padding)
      x #2720822, MPEG Audio: was freezing with 1 malformed file
      x #2721949, IFO: some stream IDs were false
      x #2725808, MPEG-PS: some "OTA" files were detected with TrueHD instead of normal AC-3 audio

    • 0.7.14


      + Belarusian, Russian, Chinese (Traditional) translations updated
      + 64-bits version of the installer (GUI is still 32-bit, but 64-bit DLL is included)
      + DLL-only installers are available (both 32 and 64 bits)
      + #2738780, local time display for modified/created date
      + WAV: RF64 (Wav files >4 GiB) support
      + AVI: Audio delay from the container x #2734021, E-AC-3: some files were not detected x FLAC: some files with big attachments were not well detected x MKV: some huge video (3840*2160) were not well parsed (no encoding settings)

    • 0.7.15

      + English, Chinese (Simplified), Albanian translations updated
      + Wave64 (.w64) support
      + MPEG-4: Better handling of 4GiB+ files
      + MPEG-4: audio parts from a DV stream are displayed
      + MPEG-4: better DV analyzing
      + DV: parser improvement (speed, accuracy)
      x DTS: 768/1536 Kbps streams are corrected to the real bitrate (755/1510 Kbps)
      x MPEG-TS: some stream durations were not well computed (few seconds only)
      x AVC: freeze with some malformed encoder settings

    • 0.7.16

      + Turkish, Belorussian translations updated
      + MPEG-4: More information for Avid DV streams
      + MPEG-4: more complete parsing (raw stream) of files with compressed headers
      + VC-1 and MPEG-Video: displaying the original framerate for streams with 2:3 pulldown
      + WMA: Handling of Mutual Excluded streams
      x Some shortcuts were removed
      x MPEG-4: some files with compressed headers were not parsed
      x MPEG-4: Kodak files with EXIF data were not parsed
      x MPEG-4 (Quicktime): some files with compressed header were not well parsed
      x MPEG-4: Some files with a TimeCode track had wrong duration
      x MPEG-PS: some files with wrong timestamp were not well parsed
      x MPEG Audio with APE tags: crash with big tags
    • 0.7.17

      + Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Ukrainian translations updated
      + Some tests about the 32 or 64-bit version of the OS are made at install
      + #2790156, Folders context menu option
      + Python : adaptation for version 3
      + Command line: XML output (thanks to Steen Jost Jensen)
      + MPEG-PS/TS: ATSC Closed captions (both EIA-608 and EIA-708) detection
      + MPEG-PS/TS: Language of closed caption (ATSC)
      + DV: camera settings
      + DV: Closed captions detection (raw DV, or in .mp4 and AVI container)
      + JPEG 2000 support
      + MPEG-4: support of JPEG 2000 embedded in a MPEG-4 container
      + MPEG-4: support of ProRes 422 / ProRes 422 HQ codecs
      + MPEG-4, AMR: Vendor and version
      + Blu-ray: support of PCM (Frequency, resolution, bitrate)
      + MPEG-TS: speed improvements
      x #2803396, sometimes crash with tiny (40-79 bytes) files
      x #2801211, MPEG-4/3GP: support of 3GP tags
      x #2795345, MPEG-4 Visual: crash with some specific user_data
      x #2793960, MKV: some MKV renamed as .ac3 were detected as AC-3
      x #2796417, MPEG-4: Some files with Camera user data were not detected
      x #2785604, Build fails on newer GCC versions (>=4.4)
      x #2664106, prefs overwritten after installing update
      x so interface was not working since some releases on Linux
      x MPEG Video: better detection of 2:3 Pulldown
      x MPEG-4: Forcing AMR to 8KHz/Mono whatever the container says
    • Version 0.7.18, 2009-07-03

      + Danish translation added
      + Albanian translations updated
      + Shell extension and InfoTip handling re-organization
      + Mac OS X: Drag and Drop
      + MXF support
      + Blu-ray: BDMV directory parsing
      + Blu-ray: clpi/mpls files support
      + M2TS: Language if the .clpi blu-ray file is found
      + OpenSolaris support
      + MPEG-4 Visual: support of Sony SMC (security video) tags
      + MPEG-4 Visual: ASP profile was wrongly displayed
      + Mac OS X: Creation of universal and 10.4 compatible binaries option
      x Mac OS X: no more double-carriage return in Text view
      x #2786634, Mac OS X: files with non-US characters were not opened
    • 0.7.20.

      + TAK format support, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
      + #2822681, Quicktime: Rotation display (from iPhone...)
      + web application example
      + Java/JNA, Linux: dynamic load of libzen if not in LD_PATH
      x #2823702, No files processed in subdirs
      x MPEG-PS: Some durations were a bit too long
      x MPEG-PS: Better handling of PTS/DTS for private and extension streams
      x ADTS: Handling of SBR and/or PS streams

    • 0.7.21.

      + More permissive license for redistribution only
      Redistribution license is intended for companies
      with legal issues (if they can not deal with GPL)
      + AVC: Support of frame doubling/tripling
      + AVC: Colour description
      + QuickTime: support of external files parsing
      x #2828430, Quicktime: 180 degrees rotation display was not displayed
      x MPEG-TS: whole file was parsed (long)
      x MPEG Video / MPEG-4 Visual: new algorithm for library name detection
      x #2844911, AAC in 3GP: false detection of SBR and PS
      x MKV: some chapters had timecode issues