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    • 0.7.23 (October 16, 2009)

      + OGG: more details for MPEG-4 Visual, MPEG Audio and AC-3
      + MPEG-4: more information for MPEG Audio streams
      + MPEG-4: more information for ADTS streams
      + MPEG-TS: more information for ADTS streams
      + QCP (RFC 3625) format support
      + Refactoring of parsers, for more speed and less false-positives
      + WAV: INFO chunk parsing
      x Blu-ray directory analyzing was broken
      x VC-1: some streams were not detected
      x AMR in MP4: Resolution set to 13 or 14 bits instead of default 16 bits
      x Help, Known parameters was hanging up
      x AVC: frame rate was wrong for progressive streams with frame doubling
      x MPEG-TS: crash while parsing some streams with specific ATSC event_id
    • 0.7.24

      + MPEG-4: DVCPRO HD detection
      + WAV: better handling of Wave Extension codec IDs
      + MPEG Audio: profile and extension display
      + MPEG-TS: More information for ADTS in non-audio PES ID.
      + FLV: test of video bitrate info integrity
      + MPEG-4: "sbtl" subtitles support
      + MPEG-4: old-style Apple language codes support
      + MPEG-4: XDCAM support
      + MPEG Video: vbv_buffer_size info
      + AVC: cpb_size_value info
      + VC-1: hrd_buffer info
      x #2882376, AVCHD: reports some incorrect AVCHD framerate
      x MPEG-4: some Pixel Aspect Ratio settings were not handled
      x Customized output: respect of carriage return from the platform
      x MPEG-TS demuxer: more tolerance of bad blocks
    • 0.7.25 (November 13, 2009)

      + MediaInfo (customized) with HTTP input: User Agent setting
      + #2896693, MPEG-TS: skipping some malformed PMT (with elementary_PID=0)
      x #2844911, AAC in 3GP: false detection of SBR and PS (again)
      x #2894411, MPEG Audio: UserDefined Covers replace other covers types
      x MPEG Audio: Some profiles were not displayed
      x RealMedia: Some Titles were not displayed
      x Matroska: Wrong detection of 6-channel Wavpack (detected as 2-channel)
    • 0.7.26

      + Chinese (Traditional), English, French, Russian translations updated
      x Chinese (Traditional): some words were no more translated (regression)
      + MXF: support of external files parsing
      + MLP support
      + TrueHD: more details (channels, sampling rate...)
      + TrueHD: display of both core and TrueHD details
      + #2905950, MPEG-4: Cover extraction
      + ADTS: better bitrate estimation
      + #2910579, MPEG-4 Visual: data_partitioned and reversible_vlc display
      + #2910572, MPEG Video: BVOP presence display
      + Internet Media Type (aka MIME-Type) display (but hidden by default)
      + ADTS: Id3v2 support
      x #2897584, ID3v2: Crash with some malformed UTF-16 strings
      x MXF: Better handling of interlaced content (height and frame rate)
      x Homogenization of Video resolution (ie no more 24-bit resolution, but 8-bit)
      x MPEG-TS: less false-positive detection of encrypted streams
      x MXF: better management of complex files (with references)
      x MOV: better management of complex files (with references)
      x Digital Video: better management of DV50, more bitrate accuracy
      x Digital Video: better management of DV100 (Width, Height, BitRate)
      x Digital Video: Some Colorimetry (4:x:x) were wrong
      x FLV: some files were not detected
      x MPEG Audio, AAC, Vorbis: removal of irrelevant Resolution field
      x MPEG formats: some Profile renaming, for more coherency

    • 0.7.27

      + MPEG Audio: Emphasis
      + MPEG-TS: PCR timestamp can be extracted in real time
      + Linux library: visibility is now limited to the official API
      + License changed to LGPLv3+ for license simplification (same license as the library)
      x MPEG Audio, AAC, Vorbis: removal of irrelevant Resolution field even from containers
      x MPEG Video: error in calculation of frame rate if sequence extension is used
      x MPEG Audio: some VBR files without VBR header were wrongly detected as CBR
      x #2921999, unexpected quotes in the text output


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    • 0.7.28

      + Albanian, Belarusian translations updated
      + AIFF: ID3v2 tags support
      + AutoIt3: MediaInfoList interface
      + RIFF: Handling of INFO chunk in hdlr chunk
      + VorbisCom-based comments (FLAC, OGG...): support of new fields
      + MPEG-4 Visual: Duration for raw streams
      + Display Aspect Ratio 3:2 instead of 1.500
      + Detection of N19 (EBU Tech 3264)
      + MPEG-2 Video: new profiles (4:2:2, Multi-view)
      + MPEG-2 Video: GOP structure
      + MPEG-4: handling of video streams with a different last frame duration
      + RIFF: Skipping OpenDML frame count (not always valid), when index is available
      + AMR: more atributes (Sampling rate, duration...)
      x MPEG-PS and MPEG-TS: crash with some files
      x MPEG-4: some bitrates to zero with a null bitr or btrt atoms
      x MPEG-4: managing different kinds of compressor name format
      x AMR in MPEG-4: crash with some specific files
      x #2952623, Id3v2: USLT with ISO-8859-1 charset was not well read
      x #2952637, Id3v2.2: PIC tag was not well read
      x #2952638, XML output: sometimes empty tags
      x #2920138, XML output: invalid char in XML tags
    • 0.7.29

      + GXF (SMPTE 360M / RDD 14) support
      + GXF: support of CDP (SMPTE 334-2) in Ancillary data (SMPTE 334-1) (not complete)
      + AAC in MPEG-TS: Profile/Level
      + PCM in MKV: format name, channel positions
      + MPEG-7 and PBCore 1.2 output (pre-release)
      + MPEG-7: more metadata
      + Solaris package creation files
      + MPEG-TS overall bit rate is more precise
      x Channel positions: more coherency in the naming
      x DVD-Video (IFO): ID name was in hexadecimal only, now in Decimal+Hexa

    • 0.7.30

      + Russian language updated
      + Image extensions are handled by the context menu
      + AVC: Multiview Video Coding (MVC) basic support
      + AVI: better handling of some RGB or RLE codecIDs
      + Solaris package creation files update (with relocation)
      + MSVB: better handling of C pointers
      + WAV: Skipping wrong sample count values
      + GXF: Caption in ancillary data detection
      x #2970227, WAV: a file was wrongly detected as DTS
      x CEA-608: some captions were wrongly detected as active
      x MPEG-7: some corrections in order to be valid
      x FLV: Duration for video not starting at Time 0
      x WMV and MPEG-TS/PS: some crashes are fixed
      x MSVC2010 and MSVC2008 project files were missing some files
    • 0.7.32

      + Danish, French translations updated
      + MPEG-7 output improvements
      + DV: Better detection of DVCPRO 50 and 100 (again), especially in MXF
      + P2: support of P2 XML files and P2 directory structure
      + XDCAM: support of XDCAM XML files and XDCAM directory structure
      + N19: More attributes
      + ISO-639-2 3-letter standard for language field (for third-party software)
      + Additional commercial name of a stream or container (XDCAM IMX, DVCPRO, AVC-Intra 50...)
      + MXF: support of detection of files without Track number in the headers
      + MXF: Operational Pattern
      + MPEG-4: Aperture size support
      x AVC: some files were wrongly analyzed (frame rate...)
      x AVI: better support of files with only one big data chunk (professional cameras)
      x MPEG-4: Huge memory usage with some files (files with DV and PCM)
      x DVR-MS: width/height was wrong in previous version


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    • 0.7.34

      + New icons set, thanks to Kevin Redon, based on Gnome themes: Neu, Experience, Gnome 2.18
      + WebM support, sponsored by
      + LXF (Harris/Leitch) support
      + #3008704, IVF (Indeo Video Format) support
      + #3002376, Blu-ray: Source (.m2ts) for the .mpls parser
      + DV: handling of unsynched streams
      + Basic view, Bit Depth is added to the audio part
      + FLV: Framerate info for some not yet supported weird files
      + Demux (library only): demuxed packets can be forced to contain 1 complete frame
      + XML output: MediaInfo version
      + Parsing speed (Library only): option for a quicker analyzing, but with some missing features
      + AVI and Huffman (HFYU): Colorspace
      + AVI and Fraps: Colorspace
      + AVI and Lagarith: Colorspace
      + MPEG-4: Channel map basic support
      x CEA-708: Skipping some malformed streams
      x JPEG/M-JPEG: Resolution was in some random other field
      x #3001707, AAC in MP4: mono aac file detected as stereo
      x AVI: crash with some malformed files
      x AVI: Stream identifier was not filled in some cases
      x MPEG-PS: some files were not well detected
      x WAV: Bit Depth is back
      x WAV/PCM: Byte sign was wrong if Bit depth >8
      x Decimal point issues with some specific compilers/OS
      x MPEG-4: removing support of btrt atom for average bitrate, too many wrong values
      x AVI: crash with some specific files (avc1 CodecID)
      x MPEG-4+AAC: Trying to better detect the (non)presence of PS if there is no PS header
      x MPEG-TS/PS: more precision on duration

    • 0.7.35

      + Arabic language added
      + Teletext subtitle support
      + DVB subtitle support
      + CEA-608/708: language
      + Library: "Per frame" interface, like ffmpeg
      + AFD: AFD (Active Format Description) value and detail
      + MPEG-TS: SCTE35 detection and parsing
      + MXF: Ancillary data (S436M) support
      + MPEG-TS: Codec ID (stream_type)
      + MXF parser improvements
      x #3036119, MKV: default language value is eng
      x DV: weird display with some DV with synch problems.
      x AVC: wrong detection of bitrate mode for AVC in MP4
      x MPEG-TS: crash and wrong detection of some non MPEG-TS files
    • 0.7.36

      + Binaries (libraries, programs and installers) are digitally signed
      + HDV 720p/1080i/1080p commercial names support, sponsored by
      + Raw TrueHD support
      + MP4: "lpcm" (PCM from DVD) Support (with channel positions)
      + MKV: compression mode (zlib...) display
      + WAV: support of AAC (ADTS) with CodecID 0x8180
      + WMV: Handling of weird Aspect Ratio information in Extended Content Description
      + #3082158, .m4b file extension support
      + #3087674, Ut Video Lossless support
      + #3087677, WebP: basic support (detection only)
      + #3072929, MP4: DTS Express support
      + MPEG-4: Handling of external files referenced by "code" atom
      + M-JPEG and M-JPEG 2000 are renamed JPEG and JPEG 2000
      + MP4 and HDV 1080i: detecting containers lying about width (saying 1920 but it is 1440)
      + DTVCC Transport and SCTE20: Option for displaying empty streams
      + DPX format detection
      x Windows x64 explorer tooltip is back!
      x #3034092, MPEG-TS: hang up if program is modified (zapping) in the file
      x AAC: removal of empirical detection of SBR and PS (too many problems)
      x AVI: trusting in priority frame count from index of indexes with broken files
      x MKV: AVC "unknown profile" removal
      x AVC: some frame rates were reported as twice the real frame rate
      x #3029308, Id3v2: support of frames with Unsynchronisation bit set
      x #3065114, MPEG-Video: duration calculation issues with raw streams and open GOPs
      x AFD: crash with malformed streams
      x MPEG-7 output: missing references for MPEG-4 Visual and RF64
      x #3086701, ID3: freeze/crash with ID3 tag at the end of the the file
      x LXF: some files were not completely analyzed (missing video)
      x JPEG: Chroma subsampling value was always set to 4:2:0, wrong
      x MP4 with MPEG Video: do not trust anymore raw stream timecode
    • 0.7.37

      + DPX format support
      + Compression mode (Lossy / Lossless) information (note: JPEG 2000 "profile" is moved to this new field)
      + #3095129, AVI: MLC Lossless codec support
      + #3095136, AVI: AMV Video Codec support
      + IFO: chapter information (thanks to Bastian Wegener)
      + MPEG-4: header size / data size / footer size information (in advanced mode)
      + MPEG-4: AVmp CodecID (.mov referencing .mxf) support
      x MXF: avoiding infinite loop due to circular reference
    • 0.7.38

      + Danish, Ukrainian, French, English, Russian translations updated
      + uClibc compatibility, thanks to Metin KAYA
      + MPEG-TS: ID in all streams if a TS streams contains several substreams
      + JPEG in MOV: Scan type
      + AAC: implicit SBR and implicit PS detection (complete HE-AAC and HE-AACv2 detection)
      + AAC/LATM: more details (channels, profile...)
      + AAC/SL: more details (channels, profile...)
      + MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS with trace feature activated (Linux/Mac by default): speed improvement
      + DTS: indication of HD and Core configurations if there is an HD part
      + #3118446, MXF: VC-3 (DNxHD) detection
      + VC-3 (DNxHD) raw stream support
      + VC-3 (DNxHD): Bit depth
      + MPEG-TS: option for ignoring ATSC transport_stream_id indication
      x MPEG-TS: some teletext and DVB subtitles were not detected
      x #3111584, MXF: phantom track with weird result if an unknown track is found
      x #3116952, DTS and AC-3: was set as lossy in all cases (DTS Master Audio and AC-3 TrueHD are lossless)
      x #3137160, ADTS: some files with wrong extension were not correctly detected
    • 0.7.39

      + Turkish, Russian translations updated
      + OGG: more CELT attributes, thanks to Lionel Duchateau
      + DV: better detection of display aspect ratio for specific (non standard?) streams
      + MPEG-7: support of ISO-IEC 13818-2 / H.262 (MPEG Video) version 2000 (multi-view / 4:2:2)
      + MXF: Clean aperture size support
      + D-10 (AES3) in MXF: real channel count
      + MPEG-TS: detection and analysis of ADTS in stream_id_extension
      + #2943900, MPEG-4 Visual: count of maximum consecutive B-frames
      + MP4: Handling of Nero library information atom
      + Id3: TAG+ support
      x #3140453, MKV with AAC: support of HE-AAC v1/v2 detection even if AudioSpecificConfig is missing
      x #3138883, ID3v2: crash in some cases if Data length indicator is used
      x #3139417, MPEG-PS: duration for caption detection was shorter than expected
      x #3139276, H.263: more precision about the different flavors of H.263
      x AVI and MPEG-2 Audio Layer 3: error if audio stream duration estimation
      x FLV: better handling of weird bitrate metadata
      x D-10 (AES3) in MXF: Bit rate was wrong
      x AC-3: crash if false-positive detection of AC-3 and CRC is valid and bsid is wrongly set
      x #3141059, FLV: trying to detect partial files (so metadata are wrong) and using timestamps instead
      x #3141052, AVI: wrong duration, no detection of rec chunks, with some files
      x #3145968, RealMedia: not integer frame rate handling + HE-AAC filling
      x Id3v2: bad handling of some tags
      x MPEG-TS/PS: Frame count / duration accuracy of some very specific files
      x MPEG-TS/PS: Not counting non-decodable frames (without the corresponding I-Frame)
    • 0.7.40

      + QuickTime: detection of AES3 and Dolby E
      + QuickTime: Apple CEA-608 and CEA-708 (in CDP) support
      + JPEG 2000: Chroma subsampling
      + JPEG 2000 in MXF: Color space
      + JPEG 2000 in MPEG-4 and MJ2: Color space
      + MPEG-4: mx5p CodecID support
      + ISO 9660 (CD/DVD/Blu-ray dump) detection
      x MPEG-TS: wrong detection (as encrypted) of some streams with a lot of transmission errors
      x MPEG-TS: wrong management of some PAT/PMT updates (real time parsing)
      x MPEG Video: wrong duration with some raw streams
      x FLV: wrong duration with some files
      x libcurl: crash if requesting a libcurl URL but libcurl library not present
      x MPEG Audio: crash with some malformed files
      x MPEG-4: error between recorded date and encoded date