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    • 0.7.60
      + #3285550, GUI: added shell extension icon
      + MPEG-TS/PS: improved detection of buggy time stamps
      + DPX: color primaries and transfer characteristics
      + MPEG-TS: Added support of scrambled streams without transport_scrambling_control bit set (e.g. PlayReady)
      + MPEG-TS: Name of some scrambling algorithms
      + MPEG-TS: detection of CBR/VBR at container level
      + MPEG Video: better detection of variable GOP
      x Matroska: some streams were wrongly detected sa VFR
      x #3538378, XML output: invalid characters, now if there is an invalid character, data is transported in base64
      x LXF: wrong video bit rate with some files
      x AC-3/E-AC-3: hang up with some Little Endian streams
      x AAC: wrong min and max bit rate in case of partial (default) parsing, disabling it
      x AVC: crash or hang up with some malformed/scrambled streams
      x Opus: wrong duration in case of non-48kHz stream
      x MOV: 25 fps + drop frame time codes were not handled correctly
    • 0.7.61
      + x64 and i386 Windows installers are merged, now only one installer
      + Italian translation updated
      + Bigger default window
      + MPEG-TS: SCTE 35 and KLV streams are better displayed (in Menu part)
      + MPEG-TS: Menu part contains the list of PID with unknown format
      + MPEG-TS: Menu part lists PID in the PMT order instead of increasing order
      + Display of both container and stream scan type and scan order
      + DV100: scan order
      + MXF: scan order
      + MPEG-TS: Maximum and minimum overal bit rate (only if parse speed is set to 1)
      + MPEG-TS, MPEG-S, MXF, AVI, WM: StreamOrder field added
      + MXF: better support of malformed VANC streams
      + MPEG Video: improved detection of the GOP (more frames are used), "Variable" value
      + MPEG-PS: FirstPacketOrder info added
      + SkipBinaryData option
      x #3564456, Matroska: some (other) streams were wrongly detected sa VFR
      x #3570092, Id3v2: support of old COM and ULT fields
      x CEA-708: crash with some malformed streams
      x MPEG-TS: crash when PCR is corrupted (same value at different offsets)
      x QuickTIme: wrong channel count report in case of buggy chan atom. Now the stream description has priority over chan atom
      x E-AC-3: duration was wrong in some cases
      x Matroska: random wrong analysis in case of SimpleBlock mode
      x #3574436, MOV: hang on files having buggy "alis" atom
      x MPEG-TS: bit rate mode detection was sometimes too much strict about CBR
      x DV: wrong detection in case of buggy audio header (if present and set to 0xFF)
      x MPEG-4: crash in case of buggy aperture size atom
      x MediaInfo_Const.h was missing in the DLL package for Mac
      x MPEG-PS: detection of phantom streams
      x WAV: detection of malformed >4GB WAV files was no more working
      x DTS: computing bit rate from frame size instead of targeted transmission rate
      x DTS: setting the bit rate to "unknown" for Master Audio instead of instantaneous bit rate
      x DTS: Display of endianess and word size was not coherent
    • 0.7.62

      + ARIB STD B24/B37 caption detection (both Japanese and Brazilian versions)
      + LXF: support of AVC, VC-3, MPEG audio, AC-3, Dolby E, and AAC detection and analysis
      + AC-3: support of 22.05 kHz streams (out of specs but they exist)
      + MOV: AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) scan type detection
      + MOV: support of AVID metadata (interlacement information)
      + Time code dedicated tracks (MOV, MXF, GXF)
      + Time code track (MPEG-4/MOV, GXF, MXF)
      + Time code in SDTI (MXF)
      + Time code in System scheme 1 (MXF)
      + Time code in SMPTE RP 188 (aka SMPTE ST 12-2 aka ATC aka VANC) (GXF, LXF, MXF)
      + Time code in SMPTE RP 196 (aka HANC)
      + MPEG Video Time code
      + MPEG-TS: format_identifier, pointer_field, section_length (hidden by default)
      + CEA-608/708: caption detection duration is increased to 15 seconds (or 64 MB) in order to miss less caption content
      + Image files as a video stream: file name of the last file
      x #727, MOV: crash with some malformed files (Time scale set to 0)
      x #728, AAC: crash with some malformed streams
      x #681, AVI: was not analyzing VBR streams without bit rate info in header
      x #736: Division by 0 with 0-byte files
      x Id3v2: crash with some malformed tags
      x Bit rate display was "0 bps" if the real bit rate is more than 4 Gbps
      x Division by 0 in case of 0 byte long file
      x MPEG-4: wrong muxing mode information in case of A/53 captions in MPEG Video in MOV
      x P2 Clip: wrong uppercase/lowercase in the file name of source files.
      x MOV: PCM endianness was sometimes wrong
      x MPEG-4: JPEG interlacement was sometimes wrong
      x MPEG Video: wrong DAR information in case of DAR change between begin and end of the file
    • 0.7.63
      + Switched to a BSD-2-Clause license
      + LXF: AFD (from ancillary stream) support
      + Detection of some side car files and showing them as a single package (optional)
      + MOV: more channel positions information
      + TTML: detection
      + SAMI: detection
      + ID3: updated list of genres, thanks to Mats
      + .so: search a local copy of the library before trying default path
      + AVI: Support of Adobe PARf (Aspect Ratio) chunk
      + VC-3: Scan order
      + #P65, Flac/Ogg DISCTOTAL metadata support, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + #P67, MOV, add Hap Video to the database, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + #P67, Matroska, add VP9 to the database, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + #P68, FLV, add HEVC detection in the FLV parser
      + #P66, MOV, tref/chap handling, with chapters information, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + #P72, MOV, HEVC/H265 detection and basic support, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + #F382/P75, PMP format detection
      + MPEG-TS, HEVC/H265 support
      + 16:10 DAR known value
      x #B742, MPEG-4/MOV, crash with some truncated/invalid files
      x #B746, MPEG-4/MOV: crash with files having moof atom and no moov atom
      x #B747, Inconsistent hang with buffer API
      x #B757, MediaInfoList was not working, thanks to Elbenfreund
      x #B740, XML: dt:dt is replaced by dt (for binary data)
      x MXF: Dolby E streams starting only at the second or third frame were not well detected
      x MPEG-4/MOV: reducing analysis time for I-frame only video streams
      x CEA-708: weird behavior phantom streams are displayed) in case of buggy CEA-708
      x AVI: crash with audio delay and AvgBytesPerSec of 0
      x Wrong demuxing of the caption stream in the case of AVC streams without frame_mbs_only_flag but having 2 fields in one slice.
      x DPX: parsing was very slow with a sequence of files.
      x MXF: Pre-charge duration was not read, time code of the first frame was wrong if "Origin" is not 0
      x FLV: file was sometimes (e.g. most of the file padded with zeroes) fully parsed
      x VC-3: Using values from specifications (based on compression ID) instead of SBD/SST/SPL/APLF from bitstream
      x #738, mediainfo-qt doesn't build
    • 0.7.64
      + New canonical URL of the website:
      + Portuguese, Basque and Russian translations updated
      + E-AC-3: support of streams having substreams (e.g. more than 6 channels)
      + JPEG: detection of YUVA, RGB, RGBA and YCCK color spaces
      + MPEG Audio: detection of Id3v1 inside an MPEG Audio frame
      + Matroska: support of HEVC/H.265 (based on specifications draft from DivX inc)
      + Canopus: detection of scan mode, scan order, pixel aspect ratio
      + MD5 generation option (work in progress)
      + Id3v2: reading of all Id3v2 blocks (no more only the first one) at the beginning of the file
      + MPEG-4: support of few additional iTunes tags, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + AVI: detection of Ut Video, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + MXF: detection of Dolby E even if EssenceCompression is not SMPTE 337
      + AIFF: detection of Dolby E
      + AIFF: detection of not aligned Dolby E
      + ARIB B24/B37: Caption_conversion_type display (HD, SD, Mobile)
      + MPEG-TS: displaying CEA-708 service and CEA-608 presence if the corresponding ATSC descriptor is present
      + MPEG-TS: quicker analysis in the case of quick parsing option
      + #F412, Matroska: Handling of files having no DocType
      x #B761, MPEG-TS/ARIB: crash with some streams, thanks to maki
      x #B765, Matroska: was parsing the complete file if a stream indicated in the header is not present
      x #B763, MXF: detection of incoherency of channel count between bitstream and wrapper
      x #B762, Matroska: detecting 23.976 frame rate (instead of 23.962 fps due to imprecise timestamp)
      x #B759, QuickTime: detection of time codes having tcmi not embedded in tmcd box
      x #B766, RMVB: a/v delay is incorrect, currently disabling it
      x #B768, MPEG-4, crash with some MPEG-4 files
      x #B769, MPEG-4, crash with some MPEG-4 files
      x #B764, AVC: wrong parsing of some streams having pic_scaling_matrix
      x AVC, crash with some AVC streams
      x AAC, infinite loop with some AAC streams
      x FLV, infinite loop with some FLV files
      x Matroska: crash with some malformed files
      x MOV: crash/long parsing with some malformed files
      x AC-3: crashes and freezes fix
      x Java 64-bit: Count_Get(StreamKind) was always returning 0
      x Python 64-bit: Count_Get(StreamKind) was always returning 0
      x DTS: some streams were not detected
      x DTS: some memory leaks with 14-bit streams
      x SMPTE ST 302: memory leaks
      x SMPTE ST 337: memory leaks
      x Total failure if MEDIAINFO_REFERENCES_NO #define was used
      x QuickTime: Time code name is in "Title" field
      x MPEG-4/QuickTime: handling of weird "negative" frame duration is stts
    • 0.7.65
      + MXF: forcing detection of MPEG Video in case EssenceCompression is not present but MPEG2VideoDescriptor is present
      + GXF: detection of some captions and time codes event if they are not present at the beginning of the file (testing middle of the file)
      + DASH MPD: basic support
      + HDS F4M (Flash Media Manifest): basic support
      + DCP AssetMap (AM), PackageList (PKL) and CompositionPlaylist (CPL): basic support
      + IMF AssetMap (AM), PackageList (PKL) and CompositionPlaylist (CPL): basic support
      + Mac dylib: looking for the dylib in @executable_path and CFBundleCopyExecutableURL dir
      + AAC: option for instantaneous bitrate in fast detect mode (MediaInfoLib only)
      + FTP (custom builds only): support of UTF-8 file names
      + Colour description: colour_description_present added, better separation between bitstream values and container values
      + MPEG-4: RLE, color space and bit depth
      + Law rating: support of CEA-608 XDS Content Advisory in MPEG-PS, MPEG-Ts, LXF, GXF
      + MPEG-4/MOV: Bug found in one file, sample size is 16 with a 32-bit CodecID ("fl32"), correcting the output of MediaInfo
      x #B775, AVI: AVI can use negative height for raw to signal that it's coded top-down, not bottom-up
      x #B780, MPEG-TS: crash with some files having PAT/PMT change between begin and end of the file
      x #B782, PBCore 1.2: some fields were not in the right order
      x #B784, some humain readable strings were not removed when the corresponding field is removed
      x #B787, MPEG-4/QuickTime: Erratic appereance of Bitrate Mode
      x #B798: setlocale() remove from DLL
      x #B785, DVCPRO HD: streams can be 8 or 10 bit, removing hard coded value from DV parser (MXF header value is used instead when applicable)
      x MPEG-4: wrong demux of some E-AC-3 streams
      x AAC: detection of HE-AACv2 was missing if the library is configured with fast detection
      x MPEG Video: wrong computing of duration of raw stream in case of drop frame time code
      x Automation, StreamKind type was set to integer, it is text
      x MPEG-4: was reading lot of useless bytes from disk when the raw stream format is not known
      x AVI: crash with some malformed text streams
      x Reference/playlist files were not supported from FTP (custom builds only)
      x MPEG-4/MOV: ScanOrder was using "stored" value instead of "displayed" value
      x MXF: Detection of Dolby E was not working in some cases (regression in 0.7.62)
      x MPEG-4/MOV: freeze with some files having mono 32-bit PCM
    • 0.7.66
      + EBUCore 1.4 output support
      + IMF AssetMap (AM), PackageList (PKL) and CompositionPlaylist (CPL): improved support
      + Channel layout information for AAC, AC-3, E-AC-3, DTS, Dolby E
      + MXF: CodecID field (EssenceContainer-EssenceCompression)
      + Pro Tools 10+ Session file (.ptx) support, by reverse engineering (=it may not work)
      + Playlist files: trying to detect language and channel layout from file names
      + QuickTime: new field ScanOrder_StoredDisplayedInverted, set to "Yes" when display and Stored orders are inverted
      + Wave: Detection of wrong byte rate in header in order to provide right duration of some PCM streams
      + ARIB captions: detection of captions in ancillary data (tested with MXF)
      + AAF: basic support of playlist files
      x QuickTime: false-positive detection of incoherency between container and raw stream scan order due to inverted display and tored orders
      x MXF: Dolby E stream not detected in some cases
      x #P78, HEVC: general_level_idc shall be set equal to a value of 30 times the level number, not 10 times, thanks to Kurtnoise
      x C# binding example: was not working with 2GB+ files, was parsing sometimes the whole file
      x #B802, AAC: Infinite loop, thanks to Sébastien Michel
      x #B805, AC-3: Segfault on files falsely recognized as AC3 files, thanks to Gildas Desnos
      x #B808, PCM: Infinite loop, thanks to Gildas Desnos
      x #B809, APE tags: Infinite loop, thanks to Gildas Desnos
      x #B810, AVC: Infinite loop, thanks to Gildas Desnos
      x #B813, bug ("eats all resources" while compiling)
      x LATM: false-positive detection of some files
      x MXF: Crash with some files
    • 0.7.68


      1. + Turkish translations updated thanks to Burak
      2. + QuickTime: new field ScanOrder_Stored, displayed when display and Stored orders are not same (replacing ScanOrder_StoredDisplayedInverted field)
      3. + IMF: better support of IMF files having more than 1 ressource per track
      4. + IMF: better support of IMF files EntryPoint and SourceDuration fields
      5. + MPEG-TS: EBP detection
      6. + Excel VBA example (32 and 64 bit), in contrib directory
      7. + Node.js examples added, in contrib directory
      8. + GXF: support of DVCPRO HD
      9. + GXF: Media Type is reported
      10. + HEVC: added support of scaling_list_data
      11. + HEVC: deactivated general_profile_compatibility_flag validity test because some encoders do not implement it correctly
      12. + MPEG-4/MOV: Speed improvement, especially for full parsing of 100+ GB files.
      13. + File reading: Speed improvement of big files, especially for full parsing, with the help of a dedicated reading thread
      14. + Java binding: adding support of memory buffer as input, example with InputStream class (from RandomAccessFile or from FileUrl, including Amazon S3 authorization)
      15. + PTX: more files are supported
      16. + Ancillary data: more fomats are detected (OP-47 WST, OP-47 Multipacket, WSS, CEA-608, MPEG-2 Recoding Information...)
      17. + EBUCore output: update, with EBUCore 1.5 support
      18. + MXF: detection of Sony RAW SQ (by reverse engineering, not sure)
      19. + F432, AVI: detection of MPEG Video with Codec Id 0x02000010
      20. + AVI: detection of captions inside MPEG Video
      21. + MPEG-4/MOV: showing non-media streams (e.g. hint/rtp tracks)
      22. + #P81, HEVC: raw stream frame rate info, thanks to Kurtnoise
      23. + AIFF/Dolby E: detection duration of hidden Dolby E increased from 0.1 second to 1 second
      24. x #B833, FLV: some (out of specs) files were no more fully detected
      25. x #B828, HEVC/H265: parsing of final specification (vui_parameters() specs were modified)
      26. x #B835, HEVC/H265: bug fixes, thanks to KP Lau
      27. x #B838, AVC/H264: bug fixes, thanks to KP Lau
      28. x #B831, MPEG Audio: files with MusiFile header/trailer are correctly detected (but header/trailer are currently discarded)
      29. x #B836, XCode 5.1 compilation issue fixed, thanks to masterkain
      30. x STL: better support of non-English characters during decode
      31. x MXF: some properties were not displayed with OP-Atom files
      32. x JPEG-2000: wrong implmentation of COD parsing, with undefined behavior for some files
      33. x MXF: potential crash with small files
      34. x AAF: potential crash with small files
      35. x HLS: potential crash with small files
      36. x MXF: some video streams were wrongly detected as MPEG-2 video
      37. x MXF: better detection of some weird cases with interlace JPEG-2000 content
      38. x MXF: better support of files with more than 16 MB per frame (2.5 Gbps bit rate)
      39. x removal of problematical typos, thanks to Dmitrij D. Czarkoff
      40. x Files with the wrong extension: the file was sometimes fully read (very slow!)
      41. x AVI: Huge files (2GB+, with OpenDML) were sometimes parsed slowly
      42. x MOV: better display of metadata when tvsh atom is present
      43. x AC-3: some dependent streams ere not correctly detected
      44. x removal of problematical typos, thanks to Dmitrij D. Czarkoff
      45. x #B834, OpenBSD port: correction of compilation failure, thanks to Dmitrij D. Czarkoff
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    • 0.7.69

      + Italian translation updated, thanks to Roberto
      + Russian translation updated, thanks to solokot
      + MPEG-TS: support of HEVC streams with stream_type of 36
      + EBUCore 1.5: update with support of more fields and valid against final XSD
      + Added interlaced content store method (Separated fields or interleaved fields)
      + HEVC: Better support of the different containers (including MP4/MKV/FLV)
      + #B844, Matroska: detection of covers, thanks to Max Pozdeev
      + Sequences of files: optimization of the detection of sequences with 200k+ files
      + Sequences of files: File_IgnoreSequenceFilesCount option for speeding up the detection of sequences (con: no detection of the latest file in the sequence)
      + Sequences of files: File_IgnoreSequenceFileSize option for speeding up the detection of sequences (con: no detection of total size of the sequence)
      + Sequences of files: detection when there is additional characters after the numbers (e.g. "filename[000001].png")
      + MPEG-TS: detecting sequences of files
      + ADTS: detecting sequences of files
      + MediaInfoList: removing files detected as part of a sequence
      + Arri Raw: basic detection
      + DDS (DirectDraw Surface) support
      + OpenMG (.oma) partial (Atrac3 only) support
      + WebVTT detection
      x #B841, QuickTime TFF/BFF: using now Technical Note TN2162 as the reference documentation for 'fiel' atom
      x Matroska: slow parsing of some files
      x MOV/IMX: IMX was not detected when glbl atom is present
    • 0.7.70

      + DTS Neural Audio: display of DTS Neural Audio descriptor information (matrix encoded channels count and position), sponsored by Numericable
      + FFV1: version, bit depth, color space, chroma subsampling, versions 0 to 3, sponsored by NOA Audio Solutions
      + HuffYUV: version, bit depth, color space, chroma subsampling, versions 1 to 3, sponsored by NOA Audio Solutions
      + PDF: basic detection (goal is to detect PDF/A profile)
      + HLS: support of encrypted streams (key must be in FileName.FileExt.key or provided via the library API)
      + CDP: using CDP service descriptor for the list of 708 services + language information
      + MXF: showing the real bit depth ("Quantization bits"); the count of bits stored in the file is in a new field "Stored bit depth" if it differs
      + MXF: Audio "frame rate" (how PCM content is split in packets) information
      + MXF: Audio block alignment byte size (hidden by default)
      + VC-3: adding the commercial name "DNxHD" + bitrate class
      + MXF: SMPTE ST 377-4 (MXF Multichannel Audio Labeling Framework)
      + MXF: "ChannelLayoutID" new field (hidden by default) containing the MXF Channel Assignment Label
      + Wave64: Duration
      + CDP: frame rate
      + IMF: improvements (still work in progress)
      + QuickTime: ia13 CodecID
      + CDP: using ccsvcinfo_section() for service presence and language information
      + MXF/CDP: law rating (from CEA-608 XDS) information added (other containers were already supported)
      + CEA-608: Program name information
      + BMP: support of OS/2 headers
      + HLS: support
      + ISM: ISMT / text (TTML) streams support
      + MXF: detection of buggy BlockAlign from some muxers, so PCM bit depth is correctly detected despite the buggy metadata
      + HEVC: library name of some encoding libraries
      + MPEG-2 Video: picture structure for interlaced content (interlaced content can have a frame structure)
      + HLS: support of some encrypted files (AES-128 with default IV and per segment), key is provided by the command line --File_Encryption_Key=(Base64 data)
      + HEVC: adding support of x265 library name and x265 encoding settings
      + ProRes: more details about ProRes in AVI or Matroska
      + DV: support of AVd1 CodecID
      + CMake: scripts improvements, thanks to Ivan Romanov
      + Matroska: file name of attachments, thanks to Marshall
      x HEVC: some streams with VUI were not parsed
      x MPEG Video: was not correctly handling 1000:1001 frame rates and NDF time codes combination during frame count computing
      x MPEG Video: was not correctly detecting the time stamp of the first frame in case of closed GOP with first frame not the I-frame
      x XDCAM: information about the MXF header presence was not provided if MOV header has a glbl atom
      x Some specific C++11 code is removed for full compatibility with older C++
      x MXF: Time codes values were buggy in case of MXF with pre-charge ("Origin" not 0)
      x MPEG-4 Visual: wrong analysis in case on video_object_layer_shape not set to regular
      x MPEG-4/MOV: trying to display the summary differently when there is a difference between container and raw stream channels count information (long term method to be discussed)
      x Non-Unicode version was not building anymore
      x DyLib: trying to have a better support of pure C compilers
    • 0.7.71
      + AS-11 (Core, Segmentation, UK DPP items) display
      + MXF: support of TTML (SMPTE ST 2052) detection
      + MXF: option --File_Mxf_TimeCodeFromMaterialPackage for using the time code track from Material package instead of Source package (CLI/DLL only)
      + Duration in HH:MM:SS:FF format (hidden by default)
      + AVC: detection of Intra profiles
      + MXF: both Material and Source package time codes are displayed
      + MPEG-TS: more information for Teletext subtitle e.g. "For hearing impaired people"
      + Detecting sidecar XML files for captions (e.g. TTML/DFXP), option for CLI and Lib
      + AVC and HEVC: colour_range information (Limited/Full), thanks to Vittorio Giovara
      + OP-47/SDP/Teletext: detection of magazine numbers
      + MOV/MPEG-4: basic support of iTunMOVI tag
      + MOV/MPEG-4: support of track title and few other track related tags
      + MOV/MPEG-4: detection of Dolby E in a stereo track
      + AVC: using the first pic_struct as fallback for scan order if other methods fail, thanks to Smit for the idea
      + IMF: better compatibility with packages from different vendors
      + PBCore 2.0 technical metadata output option, thanks to Dave Rice
      + WMV: Time code track and value of first frame display, sponsored by AVCOM
      + MPEG Video: Open/Closed GOP status
      + HEVC: Support of Pixel Aspect Ratio in VUI, thanks to Kurtnoise
      x SMPTE ST 331: wrong channel positions
      x B872, MOV: StreamOrder field was wrong in case of chapter references
      x More coherency between the File interface and the By buffer interface
      x Matroska: wrong dection of video/audio delay in case of B-frames before the first I-frame
      x Time code striped/not striped information is moved from "Format_Settings" to "TimeCode_Striped"
      x SMPTE ST 337: infinite loop during scanning of some non ST 337 streams
      x MP4/MOV: Using less data during detection of Dolby E hidden in a PCM track
      x Matroska: some crashs after file name of attachments update
      x MXF: MXF time code track was not displayed with some compilation options (e.g. the default Windows build)
    • 0.7.72
      + Swedish translation updated, thanks to Åke Engelbrektson
      + MXF: MXF version (e.g. "1.3")
      + Option "File_IsImageSequence" for being able to skip frames in a sequence of files.
      + EBUCore: EBUCore 1.6 draft output, sponsored by EBU
      + EBUCore: AS-11 to EBUCore mapping, sponsored by EBU
      + EBUCore: more technicalAttributes, sponsored by EBU
      + MXF Acquisition Metadata (RDD-18, EBU Tech 3349) basic support
      x EBUCore: time code tracks moved to their own "format" block
      x EBUCore: audioTrackConfiguration removed (not the expected behavior)
      x EBUCore: OverallBitRate information changed from technicalAttributeString to technicalAttributeInteger
      x PBCore: invalid output in case of time code stream, fix thanks to Dave Rice
      x PBCore2: codecid changed, thanks to Dave Rice
      x OP-47/SDP/Teletext: some streams were not detected
      x Previous version was built with SSE2 instructions, switching back to SSE instructions
      x AVC: infinite loop fix
      x AVC: trying to avoid the wrong detection of AVC in the case of invalid (e.g. encrypted) streams
      x Crash on Windows Vista and Win7 pre-SP1 and a CPU having FMA support, due to a bug in MSVC2013, since 0.7.72. Thanks to Pavel Pimenov for the report and patch
      x MXF: AS-11 Typo (SerieTitle changed to SeriesTitle), TotalProgrammeDuration added
      x ID3v2: support of 3-byte ID3v2.3 tags
      x CEA-608 in MPEG-4: demux PTS was wrong in case of multiple blocks in one frame
      x MOV: better Grey scale files and color palettes handling, with help from Vittorio Giovara
    • 0.7.73

      + BPG: basic support, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + CAF: basic support of Apple Core Audio Format, sponsored by FlavorSys
      + JPEG-2000: Display of profile (Rsiz)
      + JPEG-2000: detection of XYZ colorspace (based on D-Cinema profile)
      + FFV1 in MOV: more details (version...)
      + MOV/MPEG-4: handling of clcn (little endian nclc) Color parameter type
      + #P84, Matroska: Add TEXTST support to the MKV Parser, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + #P85, MPEG-TS: Add TEXTST support to the MPEG-PSI Parser, thanks to Kurtnoise
      + MediaInfoDLL interface: clean up, more debug features added
      + MediaInfoDLL interface: Giant threads lock removed
      + #F460, VC-3/DNxHD: detection of RGB 444 and other SMPTE ST 2019 (2014) new CIDs
      + VC-3/DNxHD: version number (HVN)
      + Clean aperture size is move from width/height to its own field
      + HEVC: tier
      + MXF: writing library and writing application fields are cleaned up
      + ProRes: support of 4444 profiles
      + CAP: detection of CAP files from Cheetah and Lambda
      x B886, XML and HTML outputs were broken
      x B902: EBU AspectRatio invalid in case of non classic numerator:denominator format
      x #B758, VC-3/DNxHD: wrong color space and subsampling in case of unknown CID, now empty if format version is not known
      x #B903, MXG: Incorrect timecode track used for AS-11 DPP MXF files
      x #B904, MXF: Handling repetition of Header Metadata in MXF files
      x MXF: AFD value was wrong (displaying the complete byte, but AFD is only 4 bits of this byte)
      x DTS: some streams in Little endian were not detected
      x MPEG-4: some files were having an incorrect frame count
      x AVC: Some SCTE 128 caption streams were displayed twice
      x BMP; accepting files with file size information set to -1
      x RF64: samplesCount was not always right
      x MOV: avoid wrong parsing in case of "colr" atom with "prof" color parameter type
      x DCP/IMF: ID has now the AM/PKL CPL order in order in all cases (not only when there is more than one CPL)
      x #B893, MXF: Crash with Panasonic P2 3.0 files
      x DPX: time information was with native ":" character
      x Images sequence: "Delay" field is filled from the number in the name of the first file
      x FLV: some files were not having the right duration
      x DPX: Cineon files were detected as DPX Version 1, version number was not corresponding to the real version
    • 0.7.74

      + FIMS: Preliminary version (not for production)
      + D-10 audio: display of real bitrate beside the encoded bitrate
      + VC-3: detection of CDP packets (608/708 captions), created by Nexio, inside the VC-3 private data
      + AES3: generic term AES3 replaced by more precise SMPTE ST numbers (302, 331, 337)
      + NUT: basic detection
      + FFV1: more parsing of the bitstream, support of any version of FFV1 in MOV and Matroska
      + DPX: color space and frame rate
      x #B906, Matroska: duration was missing if Info block is at the end of the file
      x #B908, AC-3: bit depth removed
      x #P86, MPEG-4: moov_trak_edts_elst Atom was ignoring version of the atom
      x Dolby E: the MXF channel count value was sometimes reported instead of the real channel count
      x VorbisComment: WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE_CHANNEL_MASK "0X" ("x" in uppercase) is accepted now
      x EBUCore: TotalProgrammeDuration was wrongly filled with IdentClockStart value
      x EBUCore: Source/Material moved from timecodeStart to timecodeTrack
      x MPEG-4: info is missing for some streams in some specific cases
    • 0.7.75

      + MXF: consideraing 60 fps timecode tracks with 2 components having a difference of 2 frames as a single timecode
      + EBUCore 1.6: switch to the link of the final XSD
      x XDCAM: some directory structures were wrongly detected as XDCAM structure having a XML file
      x MXF: SDTI 60 fps times were wrong
      x #B927, DPX: date/time specific DPX format was used instead of the ISO-like one
      x #B927, EBUCore: invalid content in attribute startDate
      x ProRes: streams with apcs CodecID were displayed with an incoherent bit depth instead of no bit depth
    • 0.7.76

      + XML output: line breaks and indents in between attributes for readability
      + Trace feature: XML trace update, only if compiled with trace feature
      + Amazon S3 support (REST API v2), CLI/DLL only and if compiled with libcurl support
      + FFV1: improved slice analysis (currently activated only with trace feature and for 1st frame)
      x MXF: optimization of the parsing, reading a lot less data (e.g. can be reduced from 1 GB to 10 MB with some UHD files)
      x MXF: wrong frame count with files not having the video stream as the first stream
      x Dolby E in MPEG-TS: "SMPTE ST 302" information was accidentally removed
      x MPEG-TS: avoid filling delay from file name, not applicable on MPEG-TS
      x MXF: better handling of huge padding blocks, better handling of descriptors without link to a TrackID
      x IMX: streams claiming that they are IMX are actually pure MPEG Video, probing both IMX and MPEG Video
    • 0.7.77
      + #B941, MXF: files having only a video stream and an ancillary data stream were having incorrect second video stream
      + MOV: detection of r210 CodecID as raw RGB
      + Ancillary data: detection of all metadata blocks (previously: only the first one was detected)
      x MPEG-TS: Wrong demux of TSP (188+16 TS) files having PES with only padding
      x MediaTrace #2: XML malformed with Flags items (hotfix, flags meaning disabled in XML output)
      x MediaTrace #3: XML malformed with some MP4 files
      x MediaTrace #6: XML duplicated attributes
      x MediaTrace #10: versioned xsd, creating library name and version
      x MediaTrace: XML content was not escaped
      x #B947, Amazon S3 support (REST API v2), CLI/DLL only and if compiled
      with libcurl support: Analyze file on s3 was not working if secret key
      contains / character
    • 0.7.78
      + MOV: AVrp CodecID support
      + Video Stored_Width/Stored_Height and Sampled_Width/Sampled_Height added (hidden by default)
      + Speed optimization for the parsing of tiny files e.g. JPEG files
      + Option (command line / DLL) --Legacy=0 for disabling some legacy fields
      + Option (command line / DLL) --Output=MAXML, XML with MediaInfo and
      MediaTrace output together, technology preview (not for production)
      x MPEG-TS: Teletext and Teletext Subtitle were missing in the menu list
      x Chroma subsampling "4:4:4" was sometimes indicated for RGB, which is not useful