GPU-Z -Aktuelle Version

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    • 2.8.0
      [*]Fixed crashes and other issues on AMD Ryzen Raven Ridge APU
      [*]Added DXVA 2.0 hardware decoder info to Advanced Tab
      [*]"Disable sensor" menu item now properly called "Hide"
      [*]Improved VRAM usage monitoring on AMD
      [*]Improved rendering performance of NVIDIA PerfCap sensor
      [*]Improved AMD power limit reporting in Advanced Panel
      [*]"MemVendor" is now included in XML dump output
      [*]Fixed NVIDIA PerfCap sensor drawing outside its area
      [*]Fixed "BIOS reading not supported" error on NVIDIA, on some motherboards
      [*]Fixed HBM memory type detection in Advanced Tab on Fury X
      [*]Fixed temperature misreadings on Vega
      [*]Fixed "Digital Signature" label getting truncated on some hidpi screens
      [*]Added support for RX 460 Mobile, RX 560 Mobile, RX 570 Mobile, RX 580 Mobile, RX 550 based on Baffin LE
    • 2.9.0
      [*]Fixed empty or incorrect readings for NVIDIA GPUs in TCC mode (Quadro/Tesla)
      [*]Added WDDM 2.4 support for Windows 10 RS4 / April Update / Spring Creators Update
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA Tesla V100
      [*]Added support for Haswell GT1 in Celeron 2961Y
      [*]Added support for HBM2 memory type in Advanced Panel, NVIDIA BIOS
      [*]Added support for perf cap reason 'none' (Tesla in TCC mode)
      [*]Addded more Bristol Ridge models
      [*]Fixed detection for AMD Carrizo/Bristol/Stoney
      [*]Changed Wani name to Carrizo/Bristol
      [*]Fixed DirectX support reporting for ATI RV200
      [*]Vega's SOC Clock and Hot Spot sensors are now disabled by default at request of AMD. You can enable them any time in settings
      [*]When GPU-Z is set to launch on Window startup, disable "This file was downloaded from Internet" message
      [*]Fixed top right button corruption when resizing the window
      [*]Improved drawing code for sensor graph

    • 2.10.0
      [*]Added CPU temperature monitoring for Intel Sandy Bridge and newer and all AMD Ryzen
      [*]Optimized sensor graph drawing code for faster repaint with lower CPU usage
      [*]Various improvements to avoid error messages related to Query External
      [*]Added button to reset sensor data
      [*]Fixed missing tooltip for GPU clock sensor
      [*]Report Overdrive Limits in Advanced: ATI/AMD BIOS
      [*]Added GDDR6 memory type
      [*]Delay "Screenshot taken" dialog by a second, to not get captured by screenshot
      [*]Fixed secondary devices showing up with no info (old ATI cards)
      [*]Fixed memory clocks on Intel Arrandale
      [*]Fixed memory module info in Advanced Panel for AMD Vega
      [*]Added support for AMD Vega M GH, Vega M GL, WX 4130, WX 4150, WX 8100, Radeon Pro Vega 56, Pro SSG
      [*]Added support for AMD Vega Graphics in Ryzen 3 2200U, Ryzen 3 2300U, Ryzen 3 Pro 2200GE, Ryzen 5 2400GE, Ryzen 7 2400U
      [*]Added support for Intel UHD 605, UHD 610, UHD 630, P580
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB, GTX 1050 3 GB, GTX 1050 2 GB (GP106), GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q, MX110, MX130, GTX 750 Ti (GM107B)
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA Quadro GV100, P600 Mobile, P620, P2000, P3200, P4200, Grid M3-3020
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA Tesla V100, V100-PCIE-32GB, M4, P106-090, P5200, P6, P40, P100 SXM2, P100 PCIe 12 GB

    • Neu


      [*]Added NVIDIA GeForce RTX Turing support
      [*]Added option to minimize GPU-Z on close
      [*]Added system RAM memory usage sensor
      [*]Added temperature monitoring offset for Threadripper 2nd gen
      [*]Fixed typo in NVIDIA Perf Cap Reason tooltip
      [*]GPU-Z will no longer use AMD ADL memory sensors because they are buggy, WDDM monitoring used again
      [*]GPU Lookup feature improved by taking boost clock into account
      [*]Added ability to clean up old QueryExternal files in temp directory
      [*]Added support to BIOS parser for USB-C output, GDDR6 memory, 16 Gbit memory chips
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080, RTX 2070, GTX 750 Ti (GM107-A), GTX 1050 Ti Mobile 4 GB, Quadro P1000, Tesla P100 DGXS, GeForce 9200
      [*]Added support for AMD Vega 20, Fenghuang, Ryzen 5 Pro 2500U, 5 Pro 2400G, 3 Pro 2200G, 3 Pro 2300U, 3 2200GE, Athlon 200GE, Embedded V1807B
      [*]Added support for Intel UHD 610, UHD P630 (Xeon), Coffee Lake GT3e (i5-8259U)

    • Neu

      Added detection for fake graphics cards using old relabeled NVIDIA GPUs (G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, GT215, GT216, GT218, GF108, GF106, GF114, GF116, GF119, GK106)

      • Added BIOS saving capability for NVIDIA Turing
      • Added monitoring for multiple fans on Turing
      • Added fan speed % monitoring on Turing
      • Added HDMI and DisplayPort info to Advanced -> NVIDIA
      • Power draw on NVIDIA cards is now reported in both TDP % and Watt
      • Fixed system hang caused by Valve anti-cheat
      • Fixed memory bandwidth on Turing with GDDR6
      • Fixed tooltip for system memory usage sensor
      • Fixed broken Radeon RX 400 GPU usage monitoring on newer drivers
    • Neu

      [*]Fixed missing fan speed sensors for pre-Turing cards using GeForce driver 400 and newer
      [*]Fixed some rare crashes during GPU-Z startup
      [*]Minimize on close will now trigger on "Close" button click, Escape key, ALT+F4. Use the tray icon menu to exit GPU-Z when "minimize on close" is enabled.
      [*]Screenshot button tooltip will no longer be visible in screenshots