GPU-Z -Aktuelle Version

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    • 2.8.0
      [*]Fixed crashes and other issues on AMD Ryzen Raven Ridge APU
      [*]Added DXVA 2.0 hardware decoder info to Advanced Tab
      [*]"Disable sensor" menu item now properly called "Hide"
      [*]Improved VRAM usage monitoring on AMD
      [*]Improved rendering performance of NVIDIA PerfCap sensor
      [*]Improved AMD power limit reporting in Advanced Panel
      [*]"MemVendor" is now included in XML dump output
      [*]Fixed NVIDIA PerfCap sensor drawing outside its area
      [*]Fixed "BIOS reading not supported" error on NVIDIA, on some motherboards
      [*]Fixed HBM memory type detection in Advanced Tab on Fury X
      [*]Fixed temperature misreadings on Vega
      [*]Fixed "Digital Signature" label getting truncated on some hidpi screens
      [*]Added support for RX 460 Mobile, RX 560 Mobile, RX 570 Mobile, RX 580 Mobile, RX 550 based on Baffin LE
    • 2.9.0
      [*]Fixed empty or incorrect readings for NVIDIA GPUs in TCC mode (Quadro/Tesla)
      [*]Added WDDM 2.4 support for Windows 10 RS4 / April Update / Spring Creators Update
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA Tesla V100
      [*]Added support for Haswell GT1 in Celeron 2961Y
      [*]Added support for HBM2 memory type in Advanced Panel, NVIDIA BIOS
      [*]Added support for perf cap reason 'none' (Tesla in TCC mode)
      [*]Addded more Bristol Ridge models
      [*]Fixed detection for AMD Carrizo/Bristol/Stoney
      [*]Changed Wani name to Carrizo/Bristol
      [*]Fixed DirectX support reporting for ATI RV200
      [*]Vega's SOC Clock and Hot Spot sensors are now disabled by default at request of AMD. You can enable them any time in settings
      [*]When GPU-Z is set to launch on Window startup, disable "This file was downloaded from Internet" message
      [*]Fixed top right button corruption when resizing the window
      [*]Improved drawing code for sensor graph

    • 2.10.0
      [*]Added CPU temperature monitoring for Intel Sandy Bridge and newer and all AMD Ryzen
      [*]Optimized sensor graph drawing code for faster repaint with lower CPU usage
      [*]Various improvements to avoid error messages related to Query External
      [*]Added button to reset sensor data
      [*]Fixed missing tooltip for GPU clock sensor
      [*]Report Overdrive Limits in Advanced: ATI/AMD BIOS
      [*]Added GDDR6 memory type
      [*]Delay "Screenshot taken" dialog by a second, to not get captured by screenshot
      [*]Fixed secondary devices showing up with no info (old ATI cards)
      [*]Fixed memory clocks on Intel Arrandale
      [*]Fixed memory module info in Advanced Panel for AMD Vega
      [*]Added support for AMD Vega M GH, Vega M GL, WX 4130, WX 4150, WX 8100, Radeon Pro Vega 56, Pro SSG
      [*]Added support for AMD Vega Graphics in Ryzen 3 2200U, Ryzen 3 2300U, Ryzen 3 Pro 2200GE, Ryzen 5 2400GE, Ryzen 7 2400U
      [*]Added support for Intel UHD 605, UHD 610, UHD 630, P580
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB, GTX 1050 3 GB, GTX 1050 2 GB (GP106), GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q, MX110, MX130, GTX 750 Ti (GM107B)
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA Quadro GV100, P600 Mobile, P620, P2000, P3200, P4200, Grid M3-3020
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA Tesla V100, V100-PCIE-32GB, M4, P106-090, P5200, P6, P40, P100 SXM2, P100 PCIe 12 GB

    • 2.11.0

      [*]Added NVIDIA GeForce RTX Turing support
      [*]Added option to minimize GPU-Z on close
      [*]Added system RAM memory usage sensor
      [*]Added temperature monitoring offset for Threadripper 2nd gen
      [*]Fixed typo in NVIDIA Perf Cap Reason tooltip
      [*]GPU-Z will no longer use AMD ADL memory sensors because they are buggy, WDDM monitoring used again
      [*]GPU Lookup feature improved by taking boost clock into account
      [*]Added ability to clean up old QueryExternal files in temp directory
      [*]Added support to BIOS parser for USB-C output, GDDR6 memory, 16 Gbit memory chips
      [*]Added support for NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080, RTX 2070, GTX 750 Ti (GM107-A), GTX 1050 Ti Mobile 4 GB, Quadro P1000, Tesla P100 DGXS, GeForce 9200
      [*]Added support for AMD Vega 20, Fenghuang, Ryzen 5 Pro 2500U, 5 Pro 2400G, 3 Pro 2200G, 3 Pro 2300U, 3 2200GE, Athlon 200GE, Embedded V1807B
      [*]Added support for Intel UHD 610, UHD P630 (Xeon), Coffee Lake GT3e (i5-8259U)

    • 2.12.0
      Added detection for fake graphics cards using old relabeled NVIDIA GPUs (G84, G86, G92, G94, G96, GT215, GT216, GT218, GF108, GF106, GF114, GF116, GF119, GK106)

      • Added BIOS saving capability for NVIDIA Turing
      • Added monitoring for multiple fans on Turing
      • Added fan speed % monitoring on Turing
      • Added HDMI and DisplayPort info to Advanced -> NVIDIA
      • Power draw on NVIDIA cards is now reported in both TDP % and Watt
      • Fixed system hang caused by Valve anti-cheat
      • Fixed memory bandwidth on Turing with GDDR6
      • Fixed tooltip for system memory usage sensor
      • Fixed broken Radeon RX 400 GPU usage monitoring on newer drivers
    • 2.15.0
      Added hardware giveaway (to the left of "close" button): 2x PowerColor Radeon RX 590 Red Devil, 2x AMD Ryzen 2600X, 15x $30 Steam coupon
      Fixed Quadro K4000 and K2100M detected as fake
      Added support for AMD Radeon RX 590
      Added support for Intel Whiskey Lake, UHD Graphics 617 (Macbook Air 2018)
      Added support for NVIDIA Tesla V100-SXM2-32GB
      Fixed Vega 20 release date
    • 2.16.0
      When a UWD/DCH driver is detected on Windows 10, it will be displayed as "DCH" in driver version
      Advanced tab now includes an entry showing DCH driver status on Windows 10
      Added EVGA iCX support for RTX 2080 FTW3 and RTX 2080 Ti FTW3
      Fixed GPU-Z crash on AMD Polaris
      Added support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
      Splash screen is now DPI aware
      Fixed sensor list not fully visible on some DPI settings
      Fixed rendering artifacts when resizing sensor window
      Moved "check for updates" setting to main settings panel