[Info] Mp3tag aktuelle Version

    • 2.87
      [2018-03-25] FIX: MusicBrainz multi-disc releases were not parsed correctly.
      [2018-03-23] CHG: improved mapping of Matroska tag fields.
      [2018-03-23] LNG: updated Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese-Brazil and Spanish language files.
      [2018-03-22] FIX: failed to write tags to Matroska files where SeekHead could not be directly expanded. (#40933)
      [2018-03-19] FIX: navigating with tab key on tag panel did not scroll in
      case input field was outside the visible region. (#41132)
      [2018-03-19] FIX: check for updates did not work on some systems (since v2.86f).
      [2018-03-18] FIX: tooltips for Tag Panel input fields did not display ampersand characters. (#41114)
      [2018-03-18] FIX: uncommitted changes to the filter text in manual
      filtering mode gave unexpected filter result when re-enabling the
      filter. (#41116)
      [2018-03-18] CHG: reverted change from v2.86f where language identifier
      and description were not displayed for UNSYNCEDLYRICS if both are
      default ('eng' and empty). (#41109)
      [2018-03-17] CHG: updated internally used libraries.
      [2018-03-15] NEW: added option to enable/disable auto-applying filter to filter helper menu. (#41013)
      [2018-03-14] CHG: don't display language identifier and description for UNSYNCEDLYRICS if both are default ('eng' and empty).
      [2018-03-14] FIX: saving UNSYNCEDLYRICS for ID3v2 omitted text if pipe symbol occurred in lyrics text. (#11617)
      [2018-03-12] CHG: files that were moved are now kept in file list independent of the target location. (#19786)
      [2018-03-12] FIX: keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+N did not commit change while in file-list editing mode.
      [2018-03-12] FIX: keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S for saving tag-panel contents
      was active in file-list editing mode and discarded input. (#19760)
      [2018-03-11] FIX: another runtime error when performing drag'n'drop from external applications.
      [2018-03-09] FIX: WAV files > 2GB could not be tagged. (#40989)
      [2018-03-09] FIX: some links in about dialog were broken. (#40978)
      [2018-03-04] FIX: installation mode could not be changed via keyboard.
      [2018-02-27] FIX: runtime error when editing in file list in some cases (since 2.86c).
      [2018-02-27] FIX: UI became unresponsive in case many operations were executed via tag write or actions. (#40907, #40923)
      [2018-02-26] FIX: runtime error when performing sequential drag'n'drop from multiple applications.
      [2018-02-26] FIX: runtime error when adding cover via extended tag dialog when underlying files have been replaced.
      [2018-02-21] FIX: auto-save did not remove varied cover art when removed via tag panel. (#40836)
      [2018-02-21] FIX: runtime error when changing library settings while performing other file operations. (#40797)
      [2018-02-20] FIX: scripting function $strstr did return nothing instead of 0 if the search string wasn't found. (#19637)
      [2018-02-19] FIX: runtime error when performing undo via keyboard shortcut while in-place editing in the file list.
      [2018-02-18] NEW: placeholder %_tool% for MP3 now contains used LAME encoder version (if present).
      [2018-02-17] CHG: reimplemented MP3 audio info parsing.
      [2018-02-15] FIX: fields absent from a subset of files were erroneously
      shown as present and identical at extended tag dialog in some cases.
      [2018-02-12] FIX: anything else than lower-case %_filename% did not
      allow column-editing when used in column configuration. (#19797)
      [2018-02-04] FIX: cover mimetypes were not parsed for APEv2 tags in some cases (since 2.86). (#19754)
      [2018-01-27] NEW: added MusicBrainz tag source for search via album name
      based on MusicBrainz.org XML Web Service v2. (#19714, #19721)
      [2018-01-27] NEW: added MusicBrainz cover-only tag source for search via album name based on MusicBrainz.org XML Web Service v2.
      [2018-01-26] FIX: runtime error when reading malformed APEv2 cover that has no cover-data.
    • 2.88
      [2018-05-28] NEW: added support for using more than 2GB addressable memory on 64-bit systems (/LARGEADDRESSAWARE).
      [2018-05-27] FIX: occasional runtime error when setting sort arrow to non-existent column.
      [2018-05-25] CHG: improved status messages and cancelation behaviour at library cleanup.
      [2018-05-23] FIX: internal window snap interferred with Aero snap in case the Windows option 'Show window contents while dragging' was disabled. (#15305)
      [2018-05-23] FIX: copy freedb disc ID option used malformed ID if starting with 0. (#12674, #17783)
      [2018-05-22] FIX: MP4 fields PODCAST, ITUNESGAPLESS and ITUNESHDVIDEO were not displayed if set to 0. (#18017)
      [2018-05-22] FIX: Quick Launch installer option now correctly pins Mp3tag to taskbar also on Windows 7 and above. (#19472)
      [2018-05-21] FIX: rename or edit in file list via delayed double-click was triggered even if file lost focus in the meantime. (#13729, #41750)
      [2018-05-21] FIX: occasional runtime error when renaming files. (#41737)
      [2018-05-20] FIX: library cleanup did not block the file list. (#41696)
      [2018-05-20] FIX: some operations where still enabled when building local freedb index database. (#41691)
      [2018-05-20] FIX: export dialog lost focus after duplicating or deleting export configurations.
      [2018-05-20] FIX: action group select dialog lost focus after duplicating or deleting actions. (#16063)
      [2018-05-19] FIX: action group edit dialog lost focus after duplicating or deleting actions. (#16063)
      [2018-05-18] FIX: context helper menus were occasionally displayed on wrong screen in multi-monitor setups.
      [2018-05-15] CHG: improved performance when reading files via Ctrl+T or 'File > Read tag'.
      [2018-05-14] FIX: interacting with the file list while reading files had unintended effects.
      [2018-05-14] CHG: changed database that is used for local freedb index.
      [2018-05-07] CHG: importing tags via Discogs tag source now lists all formats and the catalog number of the release.
      [2018-05-07] FIX: occasional runtime error when dropping files during file writing operations. (#41634)
      [2018-05-07] CHG: added limit to column width of tag sources results list (and other lists).
      [2018-05-07] CHG: removed default values configuration.
      [2018-05-05] FIX: statistics of files total were not updated in all cases. (#41604)
      [2018-05-02] FIX: occasional runtime error when aborting file reading operations.
      [2018-04-30] FIX: drop operation had no effect work with some applications. (#41567)
      [2018-04-30] CHG: improved detection of clipboard contents relevant for drop operations. (#41579)
      [2018-04-17] CHG: improved Tag Panel layout when displayed horizontally. (#40873)
      [2018-04-15] CHG: Tag Panel, Filter and file list now use default font. (#18410, #41381)
      [2018-04-13] FIX: tag sources framework function 'json_select_many' did not convert UTF-8 encoded data correctly. (#18955)
      [2018-04-12] FIX: tag sources framework functions 'json_foreach' did work correctly when nested. (#18956)
      [2018-04-10] CHG: importing tags via Discogs tag source supports track numbers and disc numbers from Discogs. (#19744)
      [2018-04-09] NEW: added fields %_cover_width% and %_cover_height% for width and height of first embedded cover art. (#41243)
      [2018-04-08] FIX: auto-removing special characters that are not supported by MusicBrainz search. (#41350)
      [2018-04-08] LNG: updated Bulgarian, Corsican, Czech and Turkish language files.
      [2018-04-07] FIX: memory corruption for format strings that end with a starting %. (#41348)
      [2018-04-04] CHG: removed splash screen.
      [2018-04-03] FIX: runtime error when adding zero-size cover art (since v2.86).
    • 2.89
      [2018-07-09] FIX: trying to enable TLS 1.2 on Windows Vista failed all HTTP connections (since v2.88h).
      [2018-07-08] CHG: changed to reuse existing ID3v2 chunk identifier for AIF and WAV to increase compatibility.
      [2018-07-06] FIX: https connections on Windows 7 and 8 did not use TLS 1.2 by default (Discogs requires TLS 1.2 now).
      [2018-07-05] CHG: changed to use 'id3 ' instead of 'ID3 ' for new ID3v2 chunk identifier for WAV to increase compatibility.
      [2018-07-04] FIX: wrong parameter error when directory history was empty and selection changed.
      [2018-07-03] CHG: added artist to search query for MusicBrainz tag sources.
      [2018-07-02] FIX: directory history was not saved correctly in some cases. (#3020)
      [2018-07-02] FIX: MusicBrainz tag source stopped working after extended namespace alias was changed on server-side.(#3591,#42157, #42159)
      [2018-06-29] NEW: added support for long filesystem paths (> 260 characters). (#42047)
      [2018-06-26] NEW: added panels directory that is also included when saving configuration.
      [2018-06-26] LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese-Brazil, Slovak and Turkish language files.
      [2018-06-25] FIX: status bar selection state was not updated in some cases. (#42022)
      [2018-06-25] FIX: bits per sample for WavPack DSD was reported as default PCM values.
      [2018-06-24] FIX: directory was not added to Tag Panel directory field when loading via context menu (since v2.88c). (#42007)
      [2018-06-23] FIX: contents of Tag Panel were cleared after loading of Tag Panel configuration.
      [2018-06-22] FIX: auto-save on file selection change did not work in some cases (since v2.88b). (#41922)
      [2018-06-21] NEW: added loading and saving of Tag Panel configurations from options.
      [2018-06-20] NEW: added loading and saving of Tag Panel configurations from Tag Panel context menu.
      [2018-06-19] CHG: library cleanup now also rebuilds database to free unused space.
      [2018-06-18] FIX: last field in vertical Tag Panel layout was hidden in some cases (since v2.88c). (#41956)
      [2018-06-17] FIX: samplerate for WavPack DSD was reported as default PCM values.
      [2018-06-16] FIX: small and smaller Tag Panel fields had minor sizing inconsitencies. (#40873/21)
      [2018-06-15] FIX: Tag Panel fields of size 'smaller' did not flow correctly in some cases (since v2.88c).
      [2018-06-15] NEW: added Windows Application Registration for Standard installation. (#41902)
      [2018-06-14] NEW: added context menu to customize Tag Panel.
      [2018-06-14] NEW: added option to specify size when adding Tag Panel fields (normal, smaller, small, multiline).
      [2018-06-13] NEW: improved Tag Panel layout when displayed horizontally. (#40873)
      [2018-06-12] NEW: added Tag Panel fields _DIRECTORY and _SEPARATOR.
      [2018-06-11] NEW: added support for DSD audio for WavPack.
      [2018-06-10] NEW: made all Tag Panel fields configurable, including default fields.
      [2018-06-09] CHG: improved layout of configuration dialogs.
      [2018-06-08] FIX: new Tag Panel fields were not enabled by default (since v2.88b).
      [2018-06-07] NEW: added support for enabling/disabling user-defined fields at 'Options >Tag Panel'. (#41601)
      [2018-06-06] FIX: icons at user-defined tools option dialog were displayed too small on large-DPI systems.
      [2018-06-05] NEW: added support for MusicBrainz field MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID to MusicBrainz tag source. (#41855)
      [2018-06-04] CHG: added mappings for special fields with MusicBrainz IDs for ID3v2 and MP4. (#18405)
      [2018-06-04] CHG: adjusted MusicBrainz tag source to write MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID. (#18567)
      [2018-06-03] NEW: option to keep moved files in file list. (#19786)
      [2018-06-02] FIX: saving cover to file failed silently if file already exists with system file attribute set. (#17919)
    • 2.90
      [2018-09-20] CHG: updated code-signing certificate.
      [2018-09-19] FIX: loading root directories via context-menu did not work anymore (since v2.88f).
      [2018-09-18] FIX: current selection of files was incorrect after enabling filter in some cases. (#42896)
      [2018-09-17] FIX: missing files from playlists were not reported anymore (since v2.88f). (#42934)
      [2018-09-14] FIX: runtime error when closing Microsoft Store version in rare cases.
      [2018-08-23] FIX: cover count display on Tag Panel did only support one-digit counts. (#12779)
      [2018-08-20] FIX: export failed for non-canonicalized paths when triggered from actions (since v2.88f). (#42515)
      [2018-08-19] FIX: save configuration did not include all files from data directory. (#42680)
      [2018-08-18] FIX: undo tag source menu-entry always displayed freedb. (#42670)
      [2018-08-17] FIX: added missing documentation on adding files via CLI. (#42597)
      [2018-08-16] CHG: improved over-time footprint of in-memory caching if library is disabled. (#42442)
      [2018-08-06] FIX: some default Tag Panel field names were not auto-translated on language change. (#42331)
      [2018-08-03] FIX: disabled fields on Tag Panel were part of the Tab navigation sequence.
      [2018-07-30] FIX: some system error messages were displayed as raw UTF-8 (since v2.88f). (#42508)
      [2018-07-13] FIX: auto-numbering wizard did not allow for track numbers starting at 0. (#42265)
      [2018-07-12] NEW: released Mp3tag to the Microsoft Store. (#42546)

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    • 2.91
      [2018-11-26] FIX: Tag Panel sometimes auto-scrolled to the control that had the focus when activated. (#42206)
      [2018-11-24] FIX: Discogs artist and albumartist were wrong for releases
      where albumartist consists of multiple artists. (#43641)
      [2018-11-24] CHG: modified default file-view columns to display multiple
      values via $meta_sep(field,\\) on new installs. (#43651)
      [2018-11-23] FIX: reverted fix for multiple occurrences of a mapped
      field with identical values were displayed as one. (#43607, #11432)
      [2018-11-23] FIX: improved Tag-Panel scrolling behavior when docked horizontally. (#43560)
      [2018-11-22] NEW: CDG files are now renamed with corresponding WMA files. (#43547)
      [2018-11-22] FIX: CDG files were not renamed with corresponding MP3 files anymore (since v2.90e). (#43605)
      [2018-11-21] FIX: tag source commands else and elseif were treated case-sensitive. #43622
      [2018-11-16] FIX: multiple occurrences of a mapped field with identical values were displayed as one. (#11432)
      [2018-11-16] FIX: action replace with regular expressions combined two consecutive dollar signs to one. (#11970)
      [2018-11-16] CHG: scripting language combined two consecutive dollar signs to one.
      [2018-11-16] CHG: improved display of window caption for Tag Sources search-by dialog. (#43324)
      [2018-11-15] CHG: extended number of actions possibly displayed in actions pop-up menu.
      [2018-11-14] FIX: converter 'Filename - Filename' used new directory of
      previous file in sequence, even if no new directory was computed for
      current file. (#11568)
      [2018-11-13] FIX: data in ID3v2 UFID frames was interpreted as UTF-8 in some cases. (#4062, #15567)
      [2018-11-13] FIX: auto-complete for Tag-Panel fields failed in some special cases. (#9114)
      [2018-11-12] CHG: improved handling of FLAC files with multiple METADATA_BLOCK_VORBIS_COMMENT blocks. (#9155, #10481, #43535)
      [2018-11-12] CHG: improved writing performance for Opus files. (#43420)
      [2018-11-12] LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, and Turkish language files.
      [2018-11-12] CHG: renamed Tag-Panel field sizes to large, medium, and small. (#40873)
      [2018-11-09] NEW: added default value configuration for Tag Panel fields that is used when multiple files are selected.
      [2018-11-09] CHG: MP4 desc atom is now mapped to DESCRIPTION instead of
      SUBTITLE to improve compatibility with other software. (#43507)
      [2018-11-08] FIX: files and directories passed via command line to an existing instance were always added. (#43407)
      [2018-11-07] CHG: non-audio files are now ignored from tag writing processes. (#43487)
      [2018-11-07] FIX: files without extension were added to file list if loaded via drag'n'drop or command line. (#19223, #43480)
      [2018-11-06] FIX: icons for non-audio files used audio-file icon in file list. (#43480)
      [2018-10-15] FIX: auto-numbering wizard did not use given total count of tracks to determine number of leading zeros. (#43120)
      [2018-10-14] FIX: configuration file was not written in some cases if
      the session was ended through Windows. (#42287, #42331, #42800)
      [2018-10-13] FIX: field MOVEMENTTOTAL was written at subtrack level and is now written at the parent track level for Matroska.
      [2018-10-12] NEW: added copy, cut and paste for individual fields to extended tag dialog. (#19495, #40816, #41151)
      [2018-10-11] FIX: tag sources framework function 'json_select_array' did not convert UTF-8 encoded data correctly. (#43228)
      [2018-10-08] CHG: various UI color changes for improved usability under Windows high-contrast mode and dark themes.
      [2018-10-02] CHG: improved command line parser so that multiple file paths and folder paths are now supported.
      [2018-10-02] FIX: MusicBrainz tag source omitted joinphrases for featuring artists. (#43073)
      [2018-09-27] CHG: improved sorting behavior at list of user-defined tools. (#43054)
      [2018-09-25] FIX: status bar and tag panel lists showed data from previous selection in some cases. (#43035)