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    • 0.60.01

      - Added experimental support for UHD-BD.
      - Added FFMPEG to the package to facilitate 10 bit frame serving for UHD encoding.
      - Added a new hidden option UHD_LIMIT_ENCODE which limits encodes to 10mins for each M2TS. Meant for testing a backup before starting actual
      extended UHD-BD encoding.
      - Added video file support when selecting a background image for menus.
      Now you can choose an MKV, MP4, or M2TS to provide a full motion video
      for the background.
      - Corrected an error in which subtitles that have been imported in SRT
      format and then output to SRT, where there were multiple subtitles, were
      not included correctly in ALTERNATE output.
      - Added a new hidden option SPECIAL_3D_MUX. If set to 1 the TSMUXER
      parameters for "insertSEI" and "contSPS" are excluded from the video
      command line in the meta file. Some have reported that this fixes
      pixelation that has been experienced.
      - Added an adjustment for audio overhead when muxing mono or stereo AC3
      encodes (there is a more significant overhead in the M2TS muxtiplexing
      by TSMUXER for some reason). This prevents occasional oversizing on
      these types of sources.
      - Added a check to correct a TSMUXER error in which is misinterprets stereo AAC audio as mono.
      - Fixed errors related to creating extremely large batch queues.
      - Fixed an error in ALTERNATE processing in which keeping intact audio
      from an imported AAC source would cause "ERROR in attempt to mux
      - Corrected a problem in which IVTC while using DirectshowSource() could cutoff the video before the end of the stream.
      - Updated the ALTERNATE selection dialog so that bitrates can be changed for individual presets.
      - Increased the maximum number of files that can be imported simultaneously.
      - Added a 1 second delay after preparing a file during import. This is
      an attempt to correct what might be a "race" issue that has been
      reported but I couldn't repeat.
      - Updated the included version of MEDIAINFO to version 17.12 in order to support reporting of HDR parameters.
      - Updated the included version of X265-64.EXE to v2.8.68 10 bit version.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.02
      - Added code to correctly handle 50/60fps sources when outputting to DVD.
      - Updated the included version of X265-64.EXE to v2.8.69 10 bit version.
      - Corrected an build error in v0.60.01 that could cause BD-RB to fail. Noticable when selecting multiple streams into the batch list -- may also possibly happen under other circumstances.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.03
      - Updated ALTERNATE encoding so that HDR information is kept when encoding UHD with HEVC settings.
      - Fixed an error in which particularly odd variable framerate sources might result in incorrect framerates during import.
      - Fixed an error in which conversion from VFR to CFR of 720x480/576 sources during import results in incorrect aspect ratio.
      - Added HEVC/No resize ALTERNATE presets to the default list for UHD output.
      - Corrected the x: function in filtering so it correctly finds and
      executes external filters when ALTERNATE titles are added to a batch
      filter via "Add multiple playlists to queue".
      - Fixed an error introduced in v0.60.02 that forced AVISYNTH mode rather than FFMPEG for frame serving when testing UHD backups.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.04
      - Corrected issues with file import of MPEG2 sources that contain 2:3 pulldown flags.
      - Added IMPORT_NO_PULLDOWN as a new hidden option. When set it will remove pulldown flags from MPEG-2 sources during import of files or DVDs.
      - Added two new hidden options. UHD_MAXRATE sets the maximum bitrate for UHD encodes and UHD_VBV_BUFFER sets the buffer size. See HIDDENOPTS.TXT for more information.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.