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    • 0.60.01

      - Added experimental support for UHD-BD.
      - Added FFMPEG to the package to facilitate 10 bit frame serving for UHD encoding.
      - Added a new hidden option UHD_LIMIT_ENCODE which limits encodes to 10mins for each M2TS. Meant for testing a backup before starting actual
      extended UHD-BD encoding.
      - Added video file support when selecting a background image for menus.
      Now you can choose an MKV, MP4, or M2TS to provide a full motion video
      for the background.
      - Corrected an error in which subtitles that have been imported in SRT
      format and then output to SRT, where there were multiple subtitles, were
      not included correctly in ALTERNATE output.
      - Added a new hidden option SPECIAL_3D_MUX. If set to 1 the TSMUXER
      parameters for "insertSEI" and "contSPS" are excluded from the video
      command line in the meta file. Some have reported that this fixes
      pixelation that has been experienced.
      - Added an adjustment for audio overhead when muxing mono or stereo AC3
      encodes (there is a more significant overhead in the M2TS muxtiplexing
      by TSMUXER for some reason). This prevents occasional oversizing on
      these types of sources.
      - Added a check to correct a TSMUXER error in which is misinterprets stereo AAC audio as mono.
      - Fixed errors related to creating extremely large batch queues.
      - Fixed an error in ALTERNATE processing in which keeping intact audio
      from an imported AAC source would cause "ERROR in attempt to mux
      - Corrected a problem in which IVTC while using DirectshowSource() could cutoff the video before the end of the stream.
      - Updated the ALTERNATE selection dialog so that bitrates can be changed for individual presets.
      - Increased the maximum number of files that can be imported simultaneously.
      - Added a 1 second delay after preparing a file during import. This is
      an attempt to correct what might be a "race" issue that has been
      reported but I couldn't repeat.
      - Updated the included version of MEDIAINFO to version 17.12 in order to support reporting of HDR parameters.
      - Updated the included version of X265-64.EXE to v2.8.68 10 bit version.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.02
      - Added code to correctly handle 50/60fps sources when outputting to DVD.
      - Updated the included version of X265-64.EXE to v2.8.69 10 bit version.
      - Corrected an build error in v0.60.01 that could cause BD-RB to fail. Noticable when selecting multiple streams into the batch list -- may also possibly happen under other circumstances.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.03
      - Updated ALTERNATE encoding so that HDR information is kept when encoding UHD with HEVC settings.
      - Fixed an error in which particularly odd variable framerate sources might result in incorrect framerates during import.
      - Fixed an error in which conversion from VFR to CFR of 720x480/576 sources during import results in incorrect aspect ratio.
      - Added HEVC/No resize ALTERNATE presets to the default list for UHD output.
      - Corrected the x: function in filtering so it correctly finds and
      executes external filters when ALTERNATE titles are added to a batch
      filter via "Add multiple playlists to queue".
      - Fixed an error introduced in v0.60.02 that forced AVISYNTH mode rather than FFMPEG for frame serving when testing UHD backups.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.04
      - Corrected issues with file import of MPEG2 sources that contain 2:3 pulldown flags.
      - Added IMPORT_NO_PULLDOWN as a new hidden option. When set it will remove pulldown flags from MPEG-2 sources during import of files or DVDs.
      - Added two new hidden options. UHD_MAXRATE sets the maximum bitrate for UHD encodes and UHD_VBV_BUFFER sets the buffer size. See HIDDENOPTS.TXT for more information.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.17
      - Added muxing routines that remux HEVC UHD M2TS files, recover lost frames, and corrects TSMUXER timing issues. Please remember that UHD capability is still under development and may need further work.
      - Corrected an error in which imported input files that have SRT files muxed in a format other than sequential might set languages incorrectly or even fail during output to ALTERNATE formats.
      - Corrected an error in which attempts to extract HEVC secondary streams could cause BD-RB to fail.
      - Added a check during start-up that will prevent a "Runtime Error 52" issue when some network or other paths previously specified are not reachable.
      - Made changes that correct audio sync issues when outputting to UHD-BD.
      - Created a workaround for issues in which the combination of X265 and TSMUXER can cause stutter issues at higher bitrates.
      - Added hidden option FIXED_BITRATE which is similar to FIXED_CRF. If set, the source will be reecoded at that bitrate and any output sizing control is removed.
      - Corrected an issue that could result in audio sync problems after reencode of certain imported sources.
      - Corrected an issue in which imported SRT files that start at offset 0 could, under certain conditions, clear the first spoken subtitle.
      - Fixed an issue in which the ALTERNATE_BLURAY hidden setting was allowing long keyint sequences (outside bluray compatibility). This can be overridden by turning it off or setting a fixed vKeyint value in the ALTERNATE.TXT preset being used.
      - Added code to perform MPA to AC3 conversion during DVD import. MPA is not supported in BD format and was previously ignored.
      - Added OGG Vorbis as a legal audio format for imported video files (converted to AC3).
      - Updated the included version of X264-64.EXE to the latest release (r2969).
      - Updated the included version of X265-64.EXE to v3.1+1 10 bit version.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
      1. DOLBYVISION is not yet supported.
      2. All UHD code is still experimental.
    • 0.60.20
      - Added code to work around the TSMUXER error: "Can't parse play list file" which appears to be associated with certain UHD MPLS files.
      - Fixed an error in UHD audio extraction in which a "Failed to retrieve audio..." by TSMUXER message might appear.
      - Added steps to audio/video extraction routines to try several demuxing methods before declaring failure. Prompted by TSMUXER issues associated with UHD.
      - Fixed an issue that could prevent BD-RB from keeping originals when size permits while IVTC_1080P is set -- even when the source was not 29.97fps.
      - Added a check in automatic audio track selection that prevents a mono or stereo stream from taking priorty over a multi- channel source just because it is a higher priority encoding technology.
      - Made numerous changes in order to support Dolby Vision sources. It needs onsiderable testing and feedback, but has progressed significantly.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.21
      - Fixed an error that would prevent muxing of Dolby Vision sources that are multipart and in which the video is being left intact. This might also affect non-Dolby Vision sources that have secondary video streams.
      - Fixed an issue that would cause oversizing when reencoding Dolby Vision sources. The sizing algorithm was not accounting for the fixed size of the Dolby Vision track.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.25
      - Corrected an error in which BD-RB was using X264 (incorrectly) to reencode UHD sources when CRF mode was selected, causing rebuild to fail.
      - Added code to better adjust predicted sizing for sources that use audio bitrates that are poorly sized due to muxing overhead. This helps prevent oversizing that causes output to exceed targets and not fit on media.
      - Fixed a bug in which some odd imports may not reflect necessary resizing in the MPLS file of the pseudo-BD structure.
      - Fixed an error in which FORCE_STEREO_RATE hidden option was used in prediction calcs even in multichannel output, causing over- sizing and target miss.
      - Fixed a bug that causes "ExtractAudioSubs() 00009 2904" error when working with VC1 sources.
      - Added code to adjust for non-standard frame rates on imported files.
      - Corrected "UHD_Correct_M2TS() 00005 8100" error that could occur during muxing of UHD sources.
      - Fixed an issue in which imported UHD video could be flagged incorrectly as 1080p in the CLPI file.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.26
      - Corrected an issue in which stopping an encode of a source that is being inverse telecined -- and then restarting without exiting could (on rare occasions) cause an incorrect framecount that truncates the the video output.
      - Added a new hidden option FORCE_MONO_RATE which allows the user to force the bitrate used for monophonic audio.
      - Corrected an error in which MPLS sequence end times could be incorrectly updated on UHD sources due to TSMUXER losing HEVC frames. This could cause stutter between M2TS files on multipart sources -- or early playback termination on singlepart sources.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.27
      - Created a workaround for a TSMUXER issue that could result in "Bitstream exception Unknown exception." on UHD sources.
      - Implemented a strategy that speeds muxing of UHD sources considerably by using a short filler in TSMUXER rather than the complete UHD source before BD-RB makes M2TS corrections.
      - Corrected an error in which multipart UHD sources with Dolbyvision could fail during rebuild (calling out a missing file).
      - Corrected an error in which multipart UHD sources would fail to mux properly when MOVIE-ONLY output is selected.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.60.29
      - Updated the UHD remuxing routines to more accurately represent the access points for FF/REW on dolbyvision sources.
      - Added routine to scan/examine dolbyvision streams and align iframes in the reencoded output for matching CPI() references.
      - Added code to extract and convert timed text subtitles to SRT from MP4 files during import so they can be used in BD creation or output to ALTERNATE formats.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.61.01
      - Updated build with a new version of TSMUXER that supports UHD. Disabled correction of UHD M2TS, saving considerable time.
      - Added code to prevent non-compatible sources that have been imported but are not compliant from flagging a "keep original" signal.
      - Updated encoding parameters of UHD sources so that master-display settings using values of zero are not output for encoding.
      - Changed the default so that, on UHD sources, an original imported file is used for input for encoding if it is still available.
      - Fixed an error that resulted in a "- Source issue found, attempting correction..." to popup unnecessarily during UHD muxing and cause special muxing to take place.
      - Corrected an issue that could cause several odd problems (including a possible wrong language track) when importing some sources with TrueHD audio tracks with Atmos.
      - Fixed an error in which HDR could (rarely) not be transferred to newly encoded file.
      - Added code to improve muxing speed during import of UHD video file sources.
      - Made numerous changes to make UHD processing more stable.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.61.03
      - Updated the included TSMUXER4K version to the most current release that supports UHD. This should fix dolbyvision problems experienced in 61.01. If you added UHD_TSMUXER=0 to your your INI -- it should be removed in order to enable the new TSMUXER version.
      - Corrected an issue in which performing a build with UHD_TSMUXER=0 could result in a "Error in attempt to create UHD CLPI" error
      - Fixed a rare issue associated with importing an MPEG-2 source with telecined video.
      - Modified alternate build routine so that SRT files that are kept are limited to those selected in the SETUP dialog.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.61.04
      - Corrected an error in which IMPORT_PAL_TO_FILM was not working for UHD sources.
      - Fixed "Error 52" and failure when attempting to import a source that needed to be scanned for variable frame rate. Introduced in the v0.61.xx series.
      - Fixed an error in which the wrong PID was being assigned to Dolby Vision substreams on full backups, causing it to not playback correctly on machines supporting it when enabled.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.
    • 0.61.05
      - Corrected an issue that could result in blocky or distorted display during FF or REW on full backups.
      - Fixed an issue in which an imported source (very rarely) might not have its frame rate detected by MEDIAINFO.
      - Added an "*" to the "HEVC" callout of the stream display for sources that have HDR and "**" for those that also have Dolby Vision.
      - Changed the setting for adjustment/scan of MKV during import. Should have been off by default instead of on.
      - Updated prediction routines for CRF encodes to more accurately predict UHD output when CRF is selected.
      - Updated TSMUXER4K to a more recent nightly release.
      - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.