Hybrid(Windows/Linux/Mac): Input -> x264/x265/Xvid/VP8/VP9

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    • Hybrid rev 2015.01.19.1:

      • audio: aac audio encoder delay handling
      • audio: mono to strereo upmix handling
      • mux: negative audio delay got ignored for vfr video content when muxing to mp4
      • avisynth: MAA2 call
      • input: auto loading audio file(s)
      • input: avi(raw rgb video) handling
      • input: workaround for 1st chapter infos messed up by MakeMKV
      • ui: crash when disabling 'Blu-ray'-Input after Blu-ray was loaded.
      • subs: crash during job creation, when sup2idx was enabled

      • avisynth: benchmarking through AVSMeter
      • avisynth: Denoiser->NLMeansCL2
      • avisynth: Color->AutoAdjust

      • tools: reverted to MediaInfo 0.7.66 due to sourceforge.net/p/mediainfo/bugs/860/ (forgot about the bug, which is why I accidentally updated MediaInfo, sadly it seems like the bug isn't that important since I got no feedback from the developer of MediaInfo so far) (Mac only)

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
      - posten hab ich erstmal aufgegeben -
    • Hybrid rev 2015.01.26.1:

      • avisynth: keep screen split on update
      • avisynth: 4:1:1 input handling
      • profiles: loading of multiple old (pre 2014.01.11.1) profiles in a row
      • tools: WinXP compatibility (thanks to the mingw64 team for fixing)

      • tools: added some alternative names for some tools for more automated tool detection
      • x265: support '--zones ..'
      • input: using 0.7.66 and 0.7.72 MediaInfo to analyse content (Mac OS X only)
      • avisynth: updated to latest Avisynth MT 2.6 RC1


      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
      - posten hab ich erstmal aufgegeben -
    • Hybrid rev 2015.02.08.1:

      • audio: remembering default bitrate settings
      • audio: automatic downmix to 5.1 when encoding to ac3 using ffmpeg and not aften
      • x265: strictCBR error during 1pass average bitrate mode

      • avisynth: base support for denoiser MDegrain (= MVDegrain for mvtools2)
      • avisynth: support for FrFun7 denoiser
      • ProRes: advanced ProRes settings when using Kostyas ProRes implementation

      • audio: using 64bit qaac on 64bit Systems now (before only a 32bit version was available)
        Note that this requires the 64bit Apple Application Support. (Windows only)
      • x265: adjusted '--psy-rd X' default to 0.3
      • x265: added support for --[no-]temporal-layers

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
      - posten hab ich erstmal aufgegeben -
    • Hybrid rev 2015.04.06.1:

      • crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled
      • tools: check for nvidia cards before checking for tools and thus avoiding freezes due to NVEncC
      • x265: updated to latest presets
      • x265: enable pools&threads configuration
      • misc: allow setting of '-ao' and disabling '-fps=...' for preview
      • input: prefering LibAvSource over FFmpegSource when using avisynth for avi input
      • crop/resize: cosmetics change, crop width/height warning combobox was disabled

      • NVEncC: during vbr mode, --cbr was used

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
    • Hybrid rev 2015.05.01.1:

      • vp8/9: support for high bit-depth encoding (vp9+complex profile only)
      • vp8/9: support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 encoding
      • audio: normalize audio to XdB via sox

      • qsvencc: some small bugs regarding feature detection
      • nvencc: quantizer couldn't be set
      • nvencc: b-frames weren't enabled for h.265
      • audio: dts-hd -> stereo wav
      • audio: aften ac3 encoding
      • audio: fdkaac, use cbr only encoding.
      • avisynth: 'Decomb.dll' wasn't loaded for 'Decomb (Avisynth)'
      • avisynth: ffmpegsoure2 wasn't used
      • output: avi(fraps) -> avi(fraps) remux problem

      • x265: added support for '--qg-size <int>'
      • x265: added support for '--qpstep <int>'
      • jobs: added 'postpone' as one of the popup selection choices
      • jobs: make columns rearrangeable
      • avisynth: added 'cropping' to the custom section placing
      • autocrop: set min width mult to 75% instead of 88%
      • analyse: don't run interlaced analysis on files with < 500 frames, to limit false positives

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
    • Hybrid rev 2015.06.28.1:

      • filter: 'noise' filter, for adding noise to video

      • tools: adjust to MP4Box revisions 0.5.2 starting with 0 again
      • audio: pcm reencoding
      • input: handling of dvd aspect ratio for 352x... content
      • jobs: sound playback

      • audio: support for 24bit flac audio encoding (when flac binary is used; not ffmpeg or flaccl)
      • qsvencc: support for '--mv-scaling'
      • x265: adjusted to changes to 'grain'-preset
      • x265: added support for '--limit-refs X'
      • x265: added support for '--aq-mode 3'
      • x265: removed 12bit and 16bit support and added '--output-depth 8|10' instead
      • avisynth: better handling of high bit depth input

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
    • Hybrid rev 2015.08.26.1:

      • audio: extracting pcm_bluray audio with ffmpeg, buy making sure a conversion to the right pcm format is used
      • audio: ffmpeg->qaac, channel dropping due to wrong input format specification
      • audio: limit fhgaacenc vbr to 1-5 since 6 doesn't seem to work
      • general: limit output precision (e.g. 1.4 did end up as 1.3999999999999 with QT 5.5 sometimes otherwise)
      • input: mkv-asp-workaround adjustment
      • input: NVEncC 'hevc', removed level&profile setting
      • tools: windows build contained mplayer&mencoder build which were missing some libraries (e.g. libdvdread)
      • x264/x265: minimize command line

      • crop: added 'use FFmpeg'-option to the autocrop options
      • avisynth: control over which matrix is used during RGB->YUV conversions
      • internal: handling of avisynth through ffmpeg, to handle non Yv12 color spaces

      • general: changed to MSVC 2015 as compiler for the Windows builds and compiling under Windows 10

      Note: Windows users should deinstall any old Hybrid version before installing this build

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
    • Hybrid rev 2015.09.18.1:

      • audio: ffmpeg audio extraction
      • input: audio detection detecting some streams double
      • x264: preset&tune order
      • x265: preset&tune order
      • x265: adding DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH (Mac only)
      • misc: force english speaker (Windows only)
      • cosmetics: tab indication inside Xvid and Audio tab
      • general: frame rate messup
      • avisynth: AVSMeter benchmark call

      • avisynth: knlmeanscl
      • prores: interlaced encoding support

      • cosmetics: rearranged audio tab
      • audio: limit faac bit rate to 76kBit/s per channel

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
    • Hybrid rev 2015.10.21.1:

      • general: Windows XP compatibility
      • decode: ffmpeg avisynth call
      • avisynth: KNLMeans, addGrain and autolevel call
      • input: mkv index mixup on some sources
      • input: make sure output frame count is reset on loading source
      • audio: ffmpeg missing '-stric -2' in aac reencoding call
      • utvideo: encoding color space handling
      • x264: 2pass mbtree + faster preset bug

      • x265: support to signal VUI master display and light level

      • jobs: check that outputWidth&outputHeight are > 48
      • cuda: added gtx 950 to supported cuda cards
      • audio: some cosmetic changes inside the audio tab

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur

      Ps.: Mac version is now for Mac OS 10.11, not sure if I also make one for a previous version.
    • Hybrid rev 2015.11.15.1:

      • avisynth: HDR AGC range fix (shift U/V min value)
      • avisynth: .ffindex didn't get always deleted properly
      • avisynth: bifrost call
      • audio: qaac 64bit portable support, not removing aac encoding, while ffmpeg is present
      • video: x264 level compliance tests more often
      • video: x265 '--cu-lossless' applied to often
      • video: x265 hrd signaling
      • preview: fixed preview with avisynth and mov
      • input: force Avisynth for OpenDML and 2GB+ Stream size (due to an outstanding but in mencoder)
      • audio: flac channel mapping and encoding problems
      • video: Xvid encoding on Linux with avs2yuv

      • video: NVEncC '--vbr2' support
      • video: x264 '--[no-]intra-refresh' support
      • video: x265 '--[no-]limit-modes' support
      • video: x265 '--lookahead-slices' support
      • avisynth: 'Force greyscale'-option added to 'Stab'

      • cosmetics: Audio Tab got changed a bit
      • input: ignore subtitles inside .avi files
      • jobs: ignore chapter selection and cut, when multiInput is present
      • audio: allow 'extract with DGIndex' not only for DVD input
      • cosmetics: x265, changed the way light level information is entered
      • general: changed to QT 5.5.1 for Windows builds
      • video: always signal sar when using x264
      • video: file naming during 2pass encoding
      • audio: better dts-hd handling on reencode

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
    • Hybrid rev 2016.02.13.1:

      • qsvenc: problem reading the features from latest qsvenv properly (Windows only)
      • timecode: don't set UTF-8 BOM in time code files, for compatibility
      • handling: frame rate adjustments not always kept during batch processing

      • decode: prefer ffmpeg when output is forced to cfr
      • cuda: added support for some additional cards

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur

      Ps.: Dropped, Linux Qt 4.8 support since even my old Ubuntu 12.04 support Qt5 nowadays. If someone needs Qt4 build contact me the forum.
    • Hybrid rev 2016.03.09.1:

      • audio: mkv audio extraction with more than 10 streams
      • audio: qaac call, removed 'raw' parameter
      • avisynth: f3kdb - range parameter wasn't set properly
      • avisynth: qtgmc - progressive content wasn't handled properly
      • avisynth: don't use MPEG2source for mpls files
      • decode: ffmpeg - post processing
      • x264: small bug when resetting x264 medium profile
      • x264: allow negative chroma offsets
      • x265: 2pass controls grayed out
      • x265: version detection -> 12bit support was disabled
      • x265: restrict number of references to 8 by default (x265.readthedocs.org/en/latest…references#cmdoption--ref)
      • qsvenc: feature detection
      • batch: frame rate adjustments not always properly kept

      • general: basic support for multi-angle blu-ray content (selection of angle should now be possible, DGDecNV users need to update their DGDecNV version to 2051+)
      • x264: 'reset to profile' option for tune

      • audio: added additionally HE-AAC v2 stereo enforcement checks
      • analysis: mediainfo output is temporary saved to file for language compatibility
      • avisynth: switched back to old avisynth MT dll for compatibility and stability
      • avisynth: switched yadifmod with yadifmod2
      • gui: another ugly workaround for arch linux kde compatibility
      • gui: audio when a audio queue entry is clicked on the side bar will show a summary of the main settings

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
    • Hybrid rev 2016.12.23.1:

      • a bunch of small bugs

      • support for VCEEnc
      • NVEncC custom command line

      • adjusted to latest x265 changes
      • updated detected NVIDIA cards

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur

      Ps.: Merry Christmas to you all!
      For those that want to try the experimental Vapoursynth support on:
      - Windows 64bit: download the Addon-File from the download page and extract it into your Hybrid folder
      - Linux: use the repository, add the Hybrid Vapoursynth packages and add vapoursynth="true" to your misc.ini file.
      (no Vapoursynth for 32bit Windows or Mac atm.)

      General goals for the next release are:
      a. further Vapoursynth stuff
      b. updating VP9 encoding (just noticed that vp9 got some new features Hybrid doesn't support atm. :))

      PPs.: This and future version will probably not work under Windows XP, since latest ffmpeg, mencoder, mplayer,.. do not support it.
      Hybrid itself should still work.
    • Hybrid rev 2017.01.01.1:

      • x265: optionalhrdSignaling and optionalHrdListSignaling popup removed
      • gui: font pixel size scaling via misc.ini
      • avisynth: aWarpSharp problem
      • VP9: support for --color-space, --min-gf-interval, --max-gf-interval, --gf-cbr-boost
      • DivX265: not shown on Linux system

      • x265: --[no-]multi-pass-opt-distortion, --[no-]multi-pass-opt-analysis, --[no-]opt-cu-delta-qp, --[no-]ssim-rd, --[no-]aq-motion support
      • ffnvenc: exprimental support for nvenc through ffmpeg

      • switched to Qt 5.7.1 for Windows 64bit and Mac OS X builds

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur
    • Hybrid rev 2017.01.07.1:

      • ffnvenc: switching between H.264&H.265 doesn't switch the profiles (they are stuck at H.265s profiles)
      • x265: x265->Main->General Settings->Analysis Refinement and x265->Main->General Settings->QP Refinement require the setting of a analysis file otherwise they will cause a crash
      • sox: crash when running multiple sox instances in parallel (seems like sox is trying to create the same temp file, now creating, and later deleting, a separate sub-folder for each sox instance)
      • avisynth: removed 'disableDistributor', added 'addDistributor'
      • avisynth: changed Hybrid default QTGMC ediThread count from -1 to 2.
      • avisynth: nnedi3- and ResizeHQ-resizer call fixed

      -> downloads: selur.de/downloads

      Cu Selur