CloneBD von SlySoft ist erschienen

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      - New: Data rate display. While transcoding, user can switch now between preview and data rate (preview disabled completely)
      - New: Added support for a different EAC-3 extension encoding found on some Disney Blu-ray (e.g. Brave)
      - Change: Optimized transcoding engine
      - Change: Faster preview mode by disabling LibAV frame reordering/caching
      - Change: Improved burn result error logging
      - Change: Enhanced burn speed [#534]
      - Change: Improved I/O throughput
      - Some minor fixes and improvements
      - Updated languages
    • trecordings schrieb:

      Ich war damals bei DVD froh das, der Menü kram weg war. Und die Trailer und sonstige Nag Screens.

      Vermute mal das hat sich bei BD auch nicht geändert mit den Zwangs Nag Screens.

      Zwangstrailer, Zwangs-NAG-Screens - das volle Nervprogramm. Und wenn man mal im Film aufhört, wieder das volle Programm. Nö, die Filmindustrie zwingt mich ja förmlich dazu, meine gekauften BDs erst mal zu säubern.
      Gruß, TOC

      - New: suppress display energy saving during preview playback
      - New: burn multiple discs (select in dropdown box on processing page)
      - New: added more DTS audio configurations [#919]
      - Change: force y-axis base in data rate plotter to zero
      - Change: reduced update interval of data rate plotter
      - Change: copy instead of recompress small still images
      - Fix: ensure empty temp path, sometimes residue from aborted transcodes was left over
      - Fix: fixed several burning issues
      - Fix: single frame menu background streams may fail (Lucy)
      - Fix: some super large video frames way beyond allowed size (RATATOUILLE_3D, RED_BIRD_2D_F3, HOUSE_OF_CARDS_TRILOGY_D1, FURY, THE DARK KNIGHT, WOODSTOCK_DIRECTORS_CUT, ...) [#1063]
      - Some minor fixes and improvements
      - Updated languages, added Farsi (Persian)

      - new: added profiles for MKV lossless audio and core audio
      - new: additional log entries for inserted media type (burn) and unselected streams
      - new: better support for iPhone 6
      - change: data rate graph left aligned to touch the y-axis
      - change: allow formatting of BD-RE discs without spare areas to improve writing speed.
      - fix: remaining time display was incorrect for discs with heavily varying data rate
      - fix: burn speed display halted after a while
      - fix: division by zero when maximum burn speed applied
      - fix: some parser errors in screen-pass disks
      - fix: some crashes in LibAV
      - some minor fixes and improvements
      - updated languages
      - new: log file system names of destination drives
      - new: added additional log information for spurious "ERROR 4" results when burning
      - change: improved write speed on uncompressed Blu-ray copies.
      - change: improved plug&play behavior when drives get connected or removed during runtime.
      - change: allow selection of "max speed" only, if source disc is in same drive as destination drive, since possible speeds cannot be known at the time
      - fix: certain burn errors would cause CloneBD not to progress to the completion page.
      - fix: audio core was broken, resulting in oversized output, when selecting core only
      - some minor fixes and improvements
      - updated languages
    • Hollywood schrieb:

      Das Programm ist im Moment wieder im Angebot . Nach dem ich am Anfang etwas Skeptisch war , habe ich das CloneBD gekauft . Jetzt können die mal so langsam aus dem Quark kommen was HEVC 265 und 3D angeht .

      Leider mal kurz OT. Wenn ich mich nicht irre ist doch HEVC 265 für 4k. Gerade diese Woche im Internet gelesen, dass die 4K-Norm abgeschlossen ist und KEIN 3D geben wird. Das soll daran liegen, weil bei 3D die Auflösung noch höher ausgegeben werden muss.......... . Deshalb lassen sie es unter den Tisch fallen.....

    • Midge schrieb:

      Wenn ich mich nicht irre ist doch HEVC 265 für 4k. Gerade diese Woche im Internet gelesen, dass die 4K-Norm abgeschlossen ist und KEIN 3D geben wird.

      Es ging um die Spezifikation der 4K BluRay und genau diese Woche war zu lesen, das die eben noch nicht fertig ist im Gegensatz zu den Meldungen im Januar. Und nicht HEVC 265 sondern HEVC oder H.265 ist die richtige Bezeichnung und das wiederum ist nicht zwangsweise 4k, genauso wenig wie H.264 nur für HDTV ist.
      Dune HD Smart D1, Yamaha RX-A2010, NuLine 122-Set

      - new: added new sound files
      - new: added sound when CloneBD requests to swap the medium for burning
      - new: limit burn speed to 6x, because supported speeds reported by the drive are sometimes far higher than possible. Can be switched off in settings (use with caution! Too high speeds can result in write errors)
      - change: when source medium gets removed (e.g. for inserting a recordable disc for writing), hide navigation buttons "input" and "selection".
      - fix: potential problem when removing subpath streams from playlists
      - fix: when source and destination drive are the same, disc title and disc thumbnail weren't shown on completion page
      - fix: log file was missing line breaks, when unicode characters were logged.
      - fix: crash when the drive is removed due to read errors
      - fix: with single file creation, a change of the destination path sometimes got ignored. [#2602]
      - fix: audio removal at beginning of stream [#2645 #2625]
      - fix: prevent a possible late registration of audio streams
      - fix: verify against invalid stream context
      - fix: verify against out-of-memory allocations
      - fix: transcoding startup issues on some older CPU
      - fix: transfer unknown audio packets when filtering
      - some minor fixes and improvements
      - updated languages
      - fix: crash when creating log file after source disc was removed.
      - fix: audio delay with some streams (too much audio, or audio behind video)
      - fix: Burner SDK bug writing sectors twice, then aborting with ERROR 4
      - fix: audio sync issues (file output)
      - fix: audio sync issues on some streams
      - fix: selection panel sometimes did not honor the "single subtitle" flag in presets.
      - fix: processing of very large SEI in AVC (x264 encoding settings go on forever)
      - fix: allow more frame extensions (increased to 64 sub-frames)
      - fix: handling of AC-3 descriptors that are incorrectly used on BD following DVB spec
      - some minor fixes and improvements
      - updated languages
      - change: reduced the expected capacity for blu-ray media slightly
      - change: sorting order of audio streams in file/device output
      - change: optimize PMT (Program Map Table) generation
      - change: added more attribute information to PSI (Program Stream Information) structures in m2ts
      - fix: some partial copies would not play beyond the menu. Removing IM Sync type subpaths now to fix this.
      - fix: check some out-of-memory conditions (fixes some crashes)
      - fix: misidentified PIDs in PiP substreams, caused problems with subtitles on some discs
      - minor fixes and improvements
      - updated languages
      - new: down convert HD audio to AC3 when creating BD copies.
      - change: improved resize and initialize behavior of language box on selection page.
      - change: allow selection of burn speeds (2x, 4x, 6x) even when type of medium is unknown (source drive = destination drive)
      - change: improved output size estimation should be more accurate now, especially, when not using video compression.
      - minor fixes and improvements
      - updated languages